Tuesday, August 3, 2021


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Curious case of Twitter verifying new handle of unknown person: Pro-China, anti-Trump propaganda and Uyghur genocide denial

While the provision of applying for verification of Twitter account is not available now, account spreading pro-China propaganda was verified

The tale of the Chinese citizen who makes pro-China edits to open-source maps of the Line of Actual Control

Chinese users are editing open-source maps like OpenStreetMap.org in order to perform cartographic warfare.

Major media outlets including CNN, NYT and WSJ attended private dinners by Chinese govt, accepted sponsored trips: Report

All major outlets in western mainstream media attended private dinners and accepted sponsored trips from CUSEF.

Mischief managed: From engaging troll army to weaponising censorship, how China built narrative around coronavirus

It is shocking how the Chinese CCP has managed to manipulate the online discourse as the world fought the coronavirus pandemic.

TikTok weaponized: Experts reveal how China influences elections, controls media and propaganda, hail India for banning Chinese apps

panellists revealed Chinese methods of propaganda and how they control the narrative in countries like USA and several other countries across the world

Hawala network worth Rs 1000 crore operated by China unearthed by the Ministry of Home Affairs

Spy agents of China were receiving assistance from deep-rooted Pakistani spy ring to establish their networks in India.

After The Hindu, Indian newspaper Hindustan Times publishes Chinese propaganda supplement amidst border standoff

Hindustan Times publishes a 4 page supplement prepared by China Daily containing propaganda material by China

Exclusive: Read the full story behind why Prasar Bharati decided to terminate its association with PTI and save Rs 10 crores annually

The Prasar Bharti has finally terminated its contract with the Press Trust of India (PTI).

As the world battles Chinese virus and India plants its feet against Chinese aggression, The Hindu makes money by printing Chinese propaganda

While the dead bodies mount and India fights a dual battle with the communist regime in the form of their unprovoked aggression at the LAC, Leftist paper, The Hindu, is making money from China and furthering its propaganda for its readers.

The United Front System in China and how it helps the Chinese Communist party in its quest for global dominance

The United Front system that works to further the agenda of the CCP abroad has largely escaped attention thus far.

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