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Sharam naam ki koi cheese nahi hai, Amul issues clarification on viral forward

Amul has clarified that it has not launched a cheese brand called 'Sharam', adding that the viral image is fake

Gujarat Police refute reports that a Chinese national visited Gujarat and scammed 1,200 people of ₹1,400 crore, says ₹3.5 crore was looted through a...

Gujarat Police have refuting a report saying that a Chinese man had defrauded 1200 people in Gujarat and looted ₹1400 crore from them

After sharing a post glorifying anti-India propagandist Arundhati Roy, Amar Chitra Katha posts a ‘clarification’, offers no apology: Details

After facing severe online backlash, Amar Chitra Katha (ACK) Monday (May 1) issued a 'clarification' on Facebook, regarding its post about controversial ultra-left-wing propagandist Arundhati Roy

‘Dalit man was not killed for his stylish moustache and lifestyle’: Rajasthan Police issues clarification, rubbishes social media claims

Rajasthan police said there was no connection between the murder of Dalit youth Jitendrapal Meghwal and his moustache or lifestyle.

CNN’s ‘Ted Cruz-Dorito’ clarification is fake, but here is a real ‘crowbar-ProBar’ correction issued post spreading fake news

It was claimed that Ted Cruz was seen wearing a pin of QAnon symbol that was later discovered to be a Dorito snack chip stuck to his suit

She was bowling to him, I did not use any other word: Sunil Gavaskar issues clarification after being targetted with fake news

Hours after being subjected to online backlash for 'sexism' and 'misogyny' on the basis of fake news, ace cricketer Sunil Gavaskar responded to the controversy

Geological Survey of India issues clarification on Sonbhadra gold discovery, says estimated reserve is 160 kg, not 3350 tonnes as reported by media

Geological Survey of India has said that the total gold reserves in Sonbhadra could be up to 160 kgs, not 3350 tonnes as published in reports

Delhi HC says no copy-paste job in P Chidambaram’s bail plea order, asks Indian Express and The Hindu to publish the clarification

Indian Express and The Hindu had reported that parts of judgement in November 15 order were 'cut-paste' from another one.

HDFC Bank issues clarification with regards to rumours about the ‘Deposit Insurance Cover’

Issuing a statement, HDFC bank clarified that the information about the 'deposit insurance cover' was not new and had been inserted as per a June 22, 2017 RBI circular

Hindustan Times ‘clarifies’ after slandering a journalist who had questioned Sushma Swaraj

Hindustan Times had called the journalist and prominent Right Wingers as trolls

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