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How colonialism impacted the way we eat, and still continues to plague our way of eating

Almost 80 years ago, there used to be brass plate which had a rude message- ‘right of admission reserved’ outside many restaurants in CP (Connaught Place), oops Rajiv chowk now.

‘We don’t want your money, use it to sponsor a weight loss program for Victoria Nuland’: Niger’s military rulers tell USA

Victoria Nuland was allowed to meet only the new military chief of staff  Brigadier General Moussa Salaou Barmou, not the new leader General Abdourahamane Tchiani or the deposed President Bazoum.

British archive reveals enormous loot of precious Indian resources during colonialism: Reports

Queen Elizabeth II was spotted handling the 'Timur Ruby' in a 1969 BBC documentary 'Royal Family.'

‘Most severe policy-induced mortality crisis in human history’: New Research shows British colonialism killed 100 million Indians in 40 years

During the height of British colonialism, around 100 million individuals died before their natural age in India.

The very media that celebrates Rishi Sunak, derided PM Modi for his ‘Hinduness’ – the result of a colonised mind

Telegraph, which targeted Modi when he visited temples, is going gaga over Rishi Sunak meeting King Charles in Buckingham palace with his sacred thread tied to his wrist.

PM Modi brings the seal of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj to Indian Navy’s new ensign, previous govts had kept the St George’s cross, a colonial...

"As India marks the 75 years of its independence, the new Naval ensign is a step towards liberating the mind, and further empowering the sentinels of our seas, the Indian Navy", the video ends.

‘Alien to see’: Prince William makes racist comments on the Russia-Ukraine war, sparks outrage

Prince William's comment that a war in Europe is 'alien', unlike wars in Asia and Africa, sparks outrage on social media with people criticizing the racist attitude of the Duke of Cambridge

British Journalist tries to shame India over ‘aid’ for not towing UK’s line on Ukraine issue, gets reminded of his country’s dark colonial history

Netizens slam British journalist Alastair Stewart for trying to shame India for abstaining from vote against Russia in UN

‘Colonial mindset’: PM Modi takes potshots at western countries in Constitution Day speech

Narendra Modi in his address on Constitution Day took potshots at western countries over concerns related to the environment.

The Economist slammed after claiming colonialists in Congo had admirable intentions, deletes tweet after outrage

Given that the construction of the railway project in the 1920s was marred by violence, forced labour and deaths of tens of thousands of Africans, the use of 'admirable intentions' for colonial bureaucrats drew the wrath of netizens.

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