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British Journalist tries to shame India over ‘aid’ for not towing UK’s line on Ukraine issue, gets reminded of his country’s dark colonial history

While Stewart seemed to be aware of India's continued non-alignment in world affairs, he did not miss an opportunity to 'tell' the former colony nation to be 'ashamed' of its sovereign decisions.

India’s abstention in the UN on the resolution of aggression against Ukraine has surprised many foreign experts on international relations. But British News Presenter Alastair Stewart saw this as an opportunity to mock India over its decision to strategize its national interests and not towing the western line.

It came after India, along with 34 other countries decided to abstain on the draft resolution concerning the aggression on Ukraine after the Russian Invasion of the country in the last week of February. While an unprecedented number of 141 counties took the NATO line to unite against Russia, India taking a neutral stand pressed that ‘dialogue and diplomacy’ could only solve the conflict.

However, Understanding India’s nuanced stance on the issue underlined by its equations with Russia and the presence of stranded nationals in war-torn Ukraine seems well above the pay grade of some international diplomacy experts in the west. Many of this cabal have resorted to making racist, derogatory and patronizing snides against India, entrenched in their continued colonial outlook.

On Thursday, British News Presenter Alastair Stewart while noticing India’s abstention over the resolution commented, “Pretty predictable but India and Pakistan should hang their heads in shame and, henceforth, receive not a penny piece in aid from the UK.” While Stewart seems to be aware of the history of India’s continued non-alignment in world affairs, he did not miss an opportunity to ‘tell’ the former colony nations to be ‘ashamed’ of their sovereign decisions.

Moreover, his remarks on British ‘aid’ to India have caught much ire amongst Indians and on Twitter that they are giving a good class to Alastair Stewart in coloniality. Renowned Indian Author, Scientist and Political critic Anand Ranganathan reminded Stewart on Twitter, “This butler probably doesn’t know that in 1947, Britain owed India 1.4 billion pounds, that it finally returned in 2001,”

Indians reminded the entitled British presenter on the British loot of India, which from 1767 to 1938 amounted to over US$ 45 trillion. To put this into perspective, the total loot estimated is 15 times that of the current GDP of India (close to 3 Trillion USD). Krithika Sivaswamy replied, “You owe us, buddy. It’s out of magnanimity (most would agree it’s foolish) that we have ignored to ask the UK to return with interest the total debt, including war debts.”

Calling out the British Museum in London which is often termed as the British Warehouse of Colonial loot, a Twitter user compared it with a high definition version of Chor Bazaar in Mumbai.

Going beyond the past while considering the present scenario, Indian businesses continue to be one of the largest investors in the UK while the diaspora contributes to a whopping 6% of the British GDP. Contrasting this with British contributions to India, Twitter user Joseph T Noony asked, “The 1.6% Indian diaspora contributes a disproportional 6%(?) to UK’s GDP. What’s your contribution to India? $45 trillion loot? Pakistan?”

Indian experts also reminded Alastair Stewart that while India does not need the condescending ‘British aid’ anymore, it was already stopped in 2015.

Poor Stewart and his racist followers were seen justifying the cause of the Empire, while Indians did not leave a chance in giving them a good lesson in history. Self-appointed global analysts often put themselves on pedestals while preaching the world over ‘values’, but in reality, they buckle down under their self-imposed white-man’s burden.

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