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New Superman will be super-woke: Bisexual and protesting against refugee deportation, informs DC

Jon Kent will also be seen focusing on real-life events and political issues such as holding protests against refugee deportation, extinguishing wildfires and preventing mass shootings at high schools.

‘What the hell’: Jordan Peterson expresses shock after discovering his ideas are part of Marvel villain’s philosophy in Captain America comics

Jordan Peterson has discovered that a Captain America comic portrays his ideas as part of the philosophy of villain Red Skull.

Woman alleges ‘comedians’ Kunal Kamra and Utsav Chakraborty used to make fake Twitter accounts to harass women comedians

A woman by the name Anubha Sinha has alleged that 'comedians' Kunal Kamra and #MeToo accused Utsav Chakraborty used to make fake Twitter IDs to harass other fellow women comedians.

#MeToo: Comic Aditi Mittal accused by another female comic of ‘forcefully kissing her’, issues apology

Aditi Mittal has been championing the cause of #MeToo on social media

Amidst allegations of sexual misconduct, AIB co-founders Tanmay and Khamba asked to step away

The duo have been accused of sending inappropriate messages to women

Comedy of errors: Indian ‘comedians’ and delusion of grandeur

Their hypocrisy camouflaged as satire is nauseating.

Stand Up comic shows how not to react to criticism on social media

If you find an Indian standup comic unfunny, you're either abused or worse, threatened

Who is behind the Twitter handle Adarsh Liberal?

Adarsh Liberal has become an online legend

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