Topic: Communalism

Some people complained about the Urdu teacher to the Basic Education Department.
This incident has been reported form Agra in Uttar Pradesh
If we respect their religious personalities, they will definitely show respect for the Muslim community,” said Saleem.
This was another instance of fake news that has gone without much criticism
Though law is equal for all, some feel that a special law has to be applied for Salman Khan
Proportional system will do more harm than good to a diverse society in India
Moreover, there will be no outrage in 'liberal' media or #NotInMyName campaigns for Ankit's brutal murder.
He claims the volatile state may be at risk by introduction of pigs in zoo.
Congress needs to abandon British policy of divide and rule
The Indian mainstream media has been notorious for twisting facts and pushing an agenda
Both the incidents have come to light from South Goa
Trolls with Islamist streak attacked and abused Dr. Hina Shafi Bhat, a BJP woman leader from Kashmir, on Facebook.
This isn't the only controversy Firhad Hakim has notched against his name
UP Congress has declared open support to militant outfit Bhim Army, with Imran Masood warning of agitations.
The Power Minister of Kerala is hitting the headlines for two of his recent comments.
Misplaced and prejudiced priorities of the mainstream Indian media was never so obvious.
As soon as Yogi Adityanath was announced as BJP’s choice for UP Chief Minister, a lie was spread.
16-yr-old singer Nahid Afreen had sung Hindu devotional songs and songs against terrorism earlier.
One of the accused was the girl's classmate and the other was his friend.
Now Gurmehar has started receiving support on the basis of the religion she belongs to.
We have come to a point where talking about equal rights to Hindus is seen as 'communalism'.
A report by a committee shows that religious discrimination had indeed taken place.
This comes two weeks after a wannabe ISISI terrorist was arrested from Himachal Pradesh.
The government announced chiefs of armed forces, but some could only see religion in it.
Owaisi has claimed that Muslims were being discriminated during the demonetisation drive.
A sinister game is at play on our educational campuses, and it's taking lives.
There were no widespread protests, so who pressurized the newspaper?
Mishra said that communal divide had always existed in the country and everyone, including Congress and Left, had only worked to widen it.

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