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Amidst looming defeat, Congress announces exit polls boycott, not to send spokespersons to TV channels

Congress party has decided not to participate in exit poll result discussions on TV News channels starting tomorrow

Congress spokesperson leaves netizens in splits after she says the ASI survey wasn’t archaeological: Here’s an explanation for dummies

Congress spokesperson Lavanya Ballal Jain had insinuated that the research work undertaken by the Archaeological Survey of India at the disputed Gynavapi mosque was somehow not actual scientific finding but an opinionated survey of sorts devoid of scientific temperament.

‘Why Kannur airport doesn’t have as many flights as Goa airport?’ Congress spokesperson gets schooled by netizens after strange rant

Dr Shama Mohamed posted, "There are no Direct flights to Kannur from Delhi. Why this step-motherly treatment at Kannur Airport?"

Congress spokesperson uses Shinzo Abe’s tragic assassination to target the Agnipath scheme of the Indian Armed Forces

The Congress party has resorted to using the assassination of former Japanese PM Shinzo Abe for political gains.

Clubhouse shenanigans: Congress spokesperson sends legal notice to Leftist for ‘being friends with’ Hindutvavadis who asked for ‘Hindu Rashtra’

A Congress spokesperson, active on Clubhouse has sent a legal notice to a "leftist" because Wikipedia says Left is against Hindutva

Congress spokespersons routinely indulge in abusive behaviour on live TV debates but when an anchor slips up all hell breaks loose

Congress leaders launched a concerted attack against Times Now journalist Navika Kumar after she inadvertently said bl**dy in the same sentence as Rahul Gandhi while discussing the Punjab crisis.

Congress spokesperson accuses Modi govt of hacking phones of BJP leaders Smriti Irani and Vasundhara Raja, hints the phones have explicit content

Congress spokesperson Supriya Shrinate claimed that Modi govt is snooping on phones of female BJP leaders

18 instances when the opposition spokespersons have resorted to abuses, threats and attacks against BJP opponents

A host of opposition spokespersons have often taken to abusive, ugly and boorish behaviour during TV debates to criticise and attack the BJP representatives

‘Shiv Sena has no right to give suggestions as it is not a part of UPA’: Congress fumes over Sanjay Raut’s unsolicited advice

Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut's unsolicited advice to make Sharad Pawar as UPA chief in place of Sonia Gandhi has not gone down well with his Maha Vikas Aghadi alliance members.

“Childish”: Sanjay Jha attacks Congress for playing petty politics over his new book

Sanjay Jha said that his book is not anti-Congress, but it touches upon the flaws of the party and its leadership

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