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IndiaSpend, an organization that runs, is known to publish cooked up data and indulge in selective nitpicking to paint a picture where Hindus are always aggressors and Muslims are always victims, especially, in cases related to cow protection
IndiaSpend's is best known to have a faulty, flawed and biased database which is often used to peddle agenda and fake narrative, especially, on cow protection in India
MLA Raja Singh stopped a truck carrying 57 cows and calves, allegedly getting transferred to slaughterhouses.
This is not the first time either Shashi Tharoor or Swati Chaturvedi have lied
On 30th December, a Muslim man, Kabul Miyan was lynched to death by a mob on the suspicion of cow theft in Araria, Bihar. The ghastly incident took place after two cows and a calf was stolen from another Muslim man, Muslim Miyan
Liberal media continues anti-Modi campaign, using misleading and wrong data
Perhaps it is time 'factchecker' starts taking its name a little more seriously
Raja Singh emphasized that 'anything can happen' when he takes to the roads for Gau-Raksha.
Incidents of villagers attacking the Police to rescue criminals have become increasingly frequent in the region.
While Congress is doing what it does best, the media has failed and turned into mouthpieces
There has been a constant increase of cattle smuggling incidents across the country.
Perhaps you have lived in big cities for too long to understand the problems faced by common people in small cities
Alwar Police claims it was a case of gang wars, not cow vigilantism.
After 10 years as Vice President, Hamid Ansari felt unsafe as a Muslim. I need to share my concerns too.
The mob comprised friends and supporters of suspected cattle smuggler Wahid Shaikh and Raju Shaikh.
Columnist Tufail Ahmad claims to have invented the term, and he is horribly wrong in his assumptions.
The mafia is alleged to have fired at another member of the family recently. Incident happened in Uttar Pradesh.
A Hindu seer in Tamil Nadu has come under attack of Islamist and leftist elements for his work.
Four reasons why the liberals don’t have the courage to take on Islamic extremism.
A dangerous lie is being spread across media outlets that "97% of cow related violence" happened after Modi came to power.
A response by Anand Ranganathan about use of data to prove whether mob lynchings have gone up.
Even though the evidence was there on video, a Scroll reporter was hell bent on proving what he imagined.
The incident reportedly happened in Rajasthan where a mentally unsound woman was the victim.
When caught by Uttar Pradesh police for spreading lies, the journalist accused the police of endorsing abuses.
Words we use go on to define our conscience and consciousness, look how they are chosen by 'liberals'.
Crimes committed by a criminal group shouldn’t be discounted based on which side of the cow they are!
Did Modi surrender to media and left-liberal pressure when he spoke against cow protection groups?

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