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Vox joins the bandwagon of fake news peddlers, uses dubious IndiaSpend data to allege ‘violent rise of cow-vigilantism’, blames Modi and Yogi

Vox also considers Police crackdown on cattle smugglers as an attack against the Muslim community.

Far-Left propaganda outlet, Vox, published a video recently where it was argued that cow vigilantism is rampant in India. Titled ‘The violent rise of India’s cow vigilantes’, the video uses selective data and undue fearmongering to peddle a predecided false narrative.

Vox uses flawed data by IndiaSpend’s to further its agenda against Narendra Modi and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. We, at, have demonstrated repeatedly the flaws in their database and exposed it for the anti-Hindu drivel that it is. However, that doesn’t appear to have had any impact at all as the Left-Liberal ecosystem believes that it’s only in the defence of the worst among them that their most cherished ideals can be realized.

The video draws a direct correlation between Narendra Modi’s entry into national politics the rise in cow vigilantism. Vox also sees Narendra Modi’s condemnation of mob lynchings as further evidence of the authenticity of their biased narrative. It appears evident from the video that the narrative was predecided and after it was decided, facts were chosen as per the convenience of the producers and then force-fitted into the narrative.

The video makes no attempt to delve into the deeper questions as objective journalism demands. Instead, it merely regurgitates the narrative that is already being hammered by their comrades without any critical inquiry. There is absolutely nothing new in the video that Indian audiences could learn.

It was tailor-made for western audiences so that they could weep over a fake narrative. It presents them with only one side of the extremely complicated story. Quite clearly, the video was not designed to educate their viewers about facts on the ground. It was designed to cause moral outrage.

Amusingly enough, the video also claims that the Yogi Government’s crackdown on illegal slaughterhouses is further evidence of the BJP’s antagonism towards the Muslim community. It appears that Vox believes the Indian state should not subject Muslims to the same laws as Hindus and that Muslims are absolved of the consequences of their crimes merely because of their religious identity.

The video speaks of GauRakshaks but doesn’t even acknowledge the menace of cattle smuggling. Like their Desi Counterparts, Vox believes that the menace simply doesn’t exist. In reality, cattle smugglers are regularly involved in violent crimes and they are known to attack even the Police and the Border Security Force.

Vox also considers Police crackdown on cattle smugglers as an attack against the Muslim community. It is what happens when people deliberately close their eyes to obvious facts that are staring at them on their faces. Furthermore, Vox is of the opinion that the Yogi government cracking down on tanneries for causing pollution is further evidence of his anti-Muslim stand. Because, of course, curbing pollution is important. But not as important as allowing Muslims to get away with violating norms.

The Indian State does deserve criticism, of course, but Vox criticizes them for all the wrong reasons. When an objective journalist would criticize the government for failing to implement their own laws and cracking down on cattle smugglers to prevent the rise of cow vigilantism as a consequence, Vox confuses cow vigilantism which is a symptom of a greater malaise as the disease itself.

By any valid statistical measure, cattle smuggling is far bigger a threat to the law and order of the country than cow vigilantism. But in the Left-Liberal clown world, feelings take precedence over facts. Therefore, Vox refuses to even acknowledge that there exists the menace of cattle-smuggling.

It appears quite obvious that Vox entered the scene with an extreme set of biases. They decided to buy whatever Indian liberals were selling merely because they are part of the same in-group. Just because liberals in India are of a certain opinion, Vox came to the conclusion that the other side does not even deserve to be heard. After all, camaraderie is more important than being loyal to facts.

The video also makes it evident that mainstream media is the biggest purveyor of fake news. For all their supposed aversion to the phenomenon, their stance appears to be, “It’s a crime only when we do it!”

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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