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Crimes Against Women

UP: Abdul poses as Ajay to trap a Nepali minor girl, commits gang-rape with his other relatives, forces the girl to convert to Islam...

Abdul, his father Idris, brother Asif and Amil, maternal uncle and 2 brothers-in-law raped the victim one after the other.

Hapur: 42-years-old Md Zunaid rapes a minor Dalit, his aides Arif and Jamiruddin say ‘Dalit girls are meant for fun only’ after the crime,...

The accused offered Rs 2-4 lakh to the victim's father to keep his mouth shut. When the complainant refused to compromise, Jamiruddin and Arif abused him by using caste-related slurs.

UP: Woman’s family sets in-laws’ house ablaze after she commits suicide over dowry harassment in Prayagraj, two dead

Anshika Kesarwani locked herself in a room before hanging herself on Monday. Following this, her in-laws alerted her parents, who arrived. After busting down the door to the room, they found Anshika's body hanging.

Nadeem enters Afzal’s house to molest his daughter, gets beaten by the family: Islamists share video claiming ‘mob lynching of a Muslim’

OpIndia fact-checked this matter to discover that the fight involved two groups of Muslims and no Hindu person was involved in the matter. OpIndia also obtained a copy of an FIR registered in this case.

Wife of BJP booth President attacked in West Bengal, victim says she was molested by 300 Muslims, BJP shares video, police deny communal angle

"My son was attacked. They broke his leg. My daughter's hand was fractured. They threw bricks at me. I was bleeding from my ears," the victim recounted.

Sandeshkhali: TMC Minister compares sexual exploitation of women by Sheikh Shahjahan with ‘eating pie’, downplays the heinous crime as ‘mischief’

"I did not know that he had a desire of eating pie (referring to sexual exploitation of women) at 12 o'clock", Udayan Guha was heard as saying.

Canada: Outrage erupts as serial killer Robert Pickton who murdered 49 women and fed their meat to pigs becomes eligible for parole

Lorelei Williams, the cousin of a victim whose DNA was found at the pig farm said that it is disgusting that Pickton can apply for day parole.

‘TMC goons would take your wife for nights at a stretch, release them only when they are fully satisfied’: Hindu women narrate their ordeal...

"TMC workers would come to the village and pick out the 'beautiful women.' These men would hunt for young women and send diktat to their families to hand over the victims to them," a Hindu woman recounted.

Gang rape, blackmail and more: Congress leaders accused of violating 23 women in Rajasthan in exchange for jobs, deny charges

The accused were identified as Municipal Corporation Chairman Mahendra Mewada and the former Municipal Commissioner Mahendra Choudhary.

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