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Gujarat: Illegal dargah built inside government-run Sajuba Girls High School demolished by local administration

The local authority of Jamnagar carried out the operation to demolish the construction amid long-standing objections on the intervening night of Friday (2 June) and Saturday (3 June).

Delhi: PWD bulldozes illegal dargah encroaching footpath in the Nizamuddin area

The caretaker of the dargah said that the dargah is around 500 years old. It is there since a time when there were no roads.

OpIndia Ground Report from Nashik: Govt has no idea how a Dargah popped up inside 18th-century Sarkarwada of Peshwas, Hindu activists call it illegal...

Today, the Sarkarwada hosts a Regional Antiques Museum and the office of the Assistant Director of State Archaeology. However, the left side of the property is officially occupied by the 'Sayyed Shah Vali Baba Dargah', the inception of which is a big question.

Activist group demands to demolish the ‘dargah’ that suddenly came up near the upcoming Navi Mumbai International Airport

Recently, Mumbai administration had demolished an illegal mazar that had come up in Mahim coast.

‘Whose tomb it is? A fish?’: Raj Thackeray shares video of ‘illegal dargah’ in Mahim Bay in Mumbai, threatens to build Ganpati temple there...

Raj Thackeray warned that he would erect a Ganpati temple next to a 'illegal Dargah' in Mahim Bay if it is not demolished within a month.

Uttar Pradesh: Barelvi Muslims and Deobandi Muslims fight, fire arms in Pilibhit after a Deobandi used ‘derogatory language’ against Shahji Miyan dargah

Deobandi Muslims and Barelvi Muslims fought with each other over the Shahji Miyan dargah in Uttar Pradesh, Pilibhit

Gujarat High Court sets aside the order of state Waqf Board halting railway line construction near dargah. Read details

The Court held that the proximity of a dargah to a railway land did not automatically imply that the surrounding land belonged to the dargah authorities.

Demand to administration to run bulldozers on illegal Mazars and dargahs: Hindu organizations in Aligarh make list, appeal to make law

In Aligarh of Uttar Pradesh, Hindus have appealed to the administration to remove illegal mazars and dargahs

Street vendor occupies public road and calls himself Khadim of a Mazar, Uttarakhand police remove him after locals protest, Mazar to stay, says police

The locals in Uttarakhand held a protest outside a Mazar (tomb) on a public road in Dehradun after a street vendor had allegedly occupied the Mazar to build illegal structures

Trustee of Mahim and Haji Ali Dargah amongst four detained after NIA raids in Mumbai, links to Dawood Ibrahim being investigated

The crackdown on hawala operators has increased since Enforcement Directorate (ED) arrested NCP leader Nawab Malik over his alleged links to Dawood Ibrahim.

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