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Pakistan: Donkey population booms amid slowdown in the economy, reaches 5.9 million

Pakistan Economic Survey for 2023-24 showed a significant increase in the nation's donkey population, reaching 5.9 million

Maneka Gandhi bats for making soaps from donkey milk to make sure donkeys remain relevant in modern times

Maneka Gandhi said, "The soap made with donkey's milk is very useful to maintain the beauty of a woman. Soaps made with donkey's milk are being sold in Delhi at a rate of Rs 500 each. Why should not we make soap from goat's milk or donkey's milk?"

Feast of the Ass: All you need to know about the Christian festival celebrated on 14th January, condemned later by the Church as ‘blasphemous’

The Feast of the Ass (or Fête de l'âne in French) is believed to have been the adaptation of the Roman pagan festival of 'Cervulus.'

Pakistani YouTuber Azlan Shah gifts a baby donkey to his newly wedded wife as wedding gift, video goes viral

Pakistani YouTuber Azlan Shah gifted his newlywed wife a baby donkey, saying that he always knew that Warisha loved baby donkeys

A holy tomb in Pakistan’s Sindh where male donkeys are offered to fulfil the desire of a male child

Pir Syed Rajan Qattaar Jahania used to ride only donkeys for travelling long distances, that's why male donkeys are offered at his tomb

Congress leader arrested in Telangana for stealing a donkey

Telangana's Karimnagar police have arrested Venkat Balmoor, the president of the Telangana National Students' Union of India and a Congress leader, on charges of donkey theft

Chitrakoot Donkey Fair: Shahrukh and Salman win the show while Pappu donkey fails here too

In the donkey fair organised on the last two days of Deepdan fair held after Diwali, donkeys are brought from across the country for sale.

Pakistan: Donkey named in FIR, ‘arrested’ with 8 men for participating in a gambling race

The SHO of the police station has stated that the donkey was named in the FIR too and is currently tied up inside the police station premises.

Rajasthan: Days after a man was sexually tortured and assaulted, three Dalit youths brutally thrashed in Jaisalmer

In a viral video some people belonging to upper caste could be seen beating up three Dalit youths were beaten up in Rama village within Sangad Police Station area in Jaisalmer.

‘Gadhon ka Sartaj’ is the new name for Rahul Gandhi, as ‘Pappu’ is too affectionate: BJP MLA Akash Vijayvargiya

Akash Vijayvargiya says Rahul Gandhi no longer a 'Pappu', but he is now a king of donkeys.

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