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As AAP alleges scam in Dwarka Expressway, read how CAG report is gross misrepresentation of facts and actual cost is less than similar Delhi govt...

CAG compared cost of a plain road under Bharatmaka project with the elevated Dwarka Expressway to claim cost overrun

Delhi: Man murders married male friend over sexual favours, dumps body in drain, arrested after making ransom calls

A man has been arrested by the police for killing his male friend over sexual favours in Delhi.

Gujarat: Dwarakadhish temple issues dress code for devotees banning short dresses, instruction banners put up outside the temple

The Dwarakadhish Temple in Dwaraka in Gujarat has banned devotees wearing short clothes from entering the temple

Delhi: BJP Kisan Morcha leader Surender Matiala shot dead in his Bindapur office in Dwarka

BJP leader Surendra Matiala was shot dead by two unidentified miscreants in his office in Bindapur in Delhi's Dwarka

Gujarat: Thousands of fishermen illegally enter Mul Dwarka port after the demolition drive in Dwarka, locals fear communal tension

Around 200 boats and more than 1,000 fishermen arrived at the Mul Dwarka port after demolition of illegal encroachments in Dwarka

Gujarat: Dwarka administration demolishes illegal encroachments including 7 mazars

The demolition drive was carried out as the construction was carried out without permission. Such establishments also posed a threat to maritime security because of Dwarka's proximity to Pakistan.

Gujarat: Altaf lures a Hindu girl by promising to become a Hindu, abandons her after she gets pregnant

The accused told the Hindu girl that the two cannot get married as he is Muslim, Altaf Misaria, in order to win the victim’s trust, promised to become a Hindu and marry her.

‘The feeling is supernatural’: Mahadevji Desai, a man from Kutch who walked to Dwarkadish Temple with 25 cows, shares his experience with OpIndia

Mahadevji Desai had vowed to walked along with his cow to Dwarka if his cattle remained unharmed from the lumpy virus.

Gujarat: Mega operation in Bet Dwarka – illegal constructions bulldozed over PFI connection

Several commercial and religious constructions were demolished in Bet Dwarka. A large security force was deployed during this time.

‘Bollywood tends to undermine our culture and heritage’: Actor Nikhil Siddharth in exclusive interview ahead of release of Karthikeya 2

After the release of teaser of Karthikeya 2 at ISCKON temple in Vrindavan, OpIndia talked to actor Nikhil Siddharth

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