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East India Company

‘Indian Mujahideen, East India Company, PFI also have INDIA’: PM Modi slams opposition bloc in BJP parliamentary meeting

PM Modi lambasted the opposition for continuous disruption and described the opposition as "defeated, tired, hopeless, with a single-point agenda - opposing Modi”.

This day in history: The violent saga of Vellore Mutiny, when hundreds of Indian soldiers rebelled against the East India Company

Vellore Mutiny unfolded 51 years before 'The First War of Independence 1857'. Around 200 British soldiers were killed in this brief but fierce battle.

What happens now to the Kohinoor diamond, stolen by the British from India, after Queen Elizabeth II’s death: Details

Kohinoor was taken away from Sikh ruler Duleep Singh, after the death of his father, Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

Sanyasi Rebellion: A forgotten chapter from the fight against British Rule gets much-needed attention as the motion poster of the film 1770 releases

Ashwin Gangaraju is directing the film '1770' based on the Sanyasi Rebellion, the 18th century revolt of sadhus against the East India Company.

If there was no ‘Bharat’ then what was Mahabharat? Kangana smashes Saif Ali Khan’s ‘no concept of India’ argument

"If there was no concept of Bharat, then what was Mahabharat then? The epic saga of the great battle that was written thousands of years back", asked Kangana.

British Museum shares image of sandstone sculpture of Harihara, Indians demand it is returned back

Not just the Kohinoor, there are several other artefacts that were also stolen by the British from India

Paika Rebellion – The 1st war of Indian Independence that has not received its rightful place

Paika Rebellion of Odisha is a story of gallantry, courage and patriotism exactly two hundred years ago.

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