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Bakrid celebrations in Kerala turns out to be “Covid-19 Super-Spreader” as state records more than 50% of total new cases in the country

Despite being worst hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, Kerala govt had allowed relaxations for Bakrid, which caused new cases to double in a week

Eid celebrations may turn out to be superspreader event as Kerala records over 17k new cases during lockdown relaxation

Amidst raging infections and its inability to manage the pandemic, the Pinarayi Vijayan government had given in to pressure of Muslim community in the society and had lifted lockdown restrictions for three days for the celebration of Bakrid or Eid-ul-Adha from July 18 to July 20.

300 buffaloes to be slaughtered for Bakra Eid at Mumbai’s Deonar abattoir every day for 3 days, Maha govt informs HC

In a separate plea filed by All India Jamiatul Quresh, the petitioner urged that 700 animals must be allowed for “Qurbani” per day at Deonar. Current cap has been set at 300 animals per day.

Watch: Rockets hit areas close to Afghan presidential palace in Kabul during Eid Prayers

Rockets hit Kabul, landed near Afghan presidential palace during Eid prayers.

Sending a message: Why Communists in Kerala relaxed Covid norms for Eid but Pakistan did not

If Uttar Pradesh can cancel Kanwar Yatra, why can’t there be a lockdown in Kerala during Bakr-Eid?

IMA asks Kerala to withdraw order allowing Bakrid gatherings as Covid cases rise, cites how other states have restricted Kanwar Yatra

The IMA said that if the order is not withdrawn, with the sense of altruism, they will be constrained to move the Supreme Court against Kerala government order easing restrictions.

Maharashtra: Samajwadi Party leader Rais Shaikh seeks permission to allow Bakri Eid celebrations, writes to CM Uddhav Thackeray

Rais Shaikh an MLA from Bhiwandi in the letter also informed that the preparations to purchase goats and other festival-related purchases begin prior to the festival and urged that Bakri Eid be allowed to be celebrated with fanfare.

Congress toolkit: The uncanny resemblances between the actions of Congress supporters and instructions in the AICC document are hard to miss

Several comments and actions by Congress leaders and supporters show that they were following the toolkit prepared by AICC

Assam: Six arrested for disrespecting national flag, accused caught using tricolour as table cloth for Eid feast

An image of Rejina Parvin Sultana, a resident of Assam's Tengnamari village, feasting lunch with her family on the occasion of Eid had gone viral on the internet.

‘This man is filming us, beat him up, so what if’s a cop’: Mob beats up policeman in a kabristan in Ahmedabad on Eid

Bhavsingh, who was following the orders of his seniors, was on duty to gather intel in Juhapura when he found his way to the kabristan and saw COVID protocols being flouted.

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