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Vir Sanghvi's list of 'best restaurants' in Delhi is as elitist as it could get
Congress leaders have an inherent quality of mocking the poor because of their elitist attitude
Earlier Nehru-Gandhi family loyalist and Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge had also voiced similar views.
The liberals want to create two different castes among languages and the agenda is clear
Editors Guild is an establishment, obsessed with its own importance and reeks of privilege.
Seems like Meghalaya doesn't have a lot of temples for 'Janeudhari' Gandhi to visit
Ram Guha chose his moment against Kohli when he was down, much like rats spread themselves on floor to nibble on crumbs
The Establishment will do just about anything to come back to power
Why the argument to build a hospital or school at Ayodhya site is absurd and elitist.
The 'liberals' have given the political party such a long rope, that now it's becoming painfully sanctimonious.
Congress had been using caste politics to sail through Gujarat assembly elections, but Aiyar might rock the boat.
Does it depict an anti-poor mentality of the Congress party?
Online savvy feminists should stop chasing moronic netas, we have a far bigger problem at hand.
When the Bihar governor was announced as presidential candidate, the elitist media reacted with scorn.
No, it’s not about the 2002 her husband Rajdeep Sardesai is famous for, it is about Dr. Kalam.
Every Diwali, the debate on firecracker ban is resurrected
I often meet people who feel that speaking English makes you more intellectual than speaking Hindi

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