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Is ‘Mera Yeshu Yeshu’ fame pastor Bajinder Singh admitted in hospital for piles treatment? Truth of viral screenshot of news report

We can neither confirm nor deny whether Pastor Bajinder Singh is indeed suffering from piles (bawasir) and is admitted in hospital or not as that is between his doctor and his Lord.

Odisha: Villagers foil Priest’s attempt to convert Hindus to Christianity, make evangelist sign a bond promising to never return

Christian priest was detained by a group of villagers over charges of forced conversion in Tangardihi village in the Sundargarh district of Odisha.

‘We have come to civilize you,’ said the colonisers who were roasting men and women alive on stakes over accusations of witchcraft

From barbaric inquisitors to civilized missionaries. Read to know more about Christianity and the Dark Ages.

‘Malign the priest, desecrate the Gram Devata shrine’: How evangelists succeed in ‘Christianising’ village after village

Watch ‘The Uncrossing’ for more discussions around Christian evangelism and how it is affecting India.

How The Telegraph used the ‘spread of classical music in Kolkata’ to glorify conversion and evangelical work that marred Bengal

The Telegraph notoriously uses the 'spread of classical music in Kolkata' to glorify conversion and evangelical work in West Bengal

Rebel Christian in Tennessee to death as Jihadi in Syria: Read the journey of American ISIS bride as her daughter prepares to return home

American girl Ariel Bradley had married an Iraqi in Sweden, moved to Syria and joined ISIS, where she died along with her second husband and a son

Meet Archbishop KP Yohannan: Asia’s richest evangelist infamous for diverting ‘charity funds’ for purchasing real estate

In June 2015, the Kerala government had issued orders to recover land illegally owned by the Believers Eastern Church.

Delhi Court issues summon to IMA president Dr John Austin Jayalal for talking about converting Covid-19 patients to Christianity

Dwarka District Court in Delhi has issued a summon to IMA President, asking him to be present in the court on 31st May

Andhra Pradesh: BJP alleges evangelists built a Christian cross-shaped structure at Hindu holy site, police ‘clarifies’, leaves crucial question unanswered

BJP leaders have alleged that the huge Christian Cross symbol was put up illegally in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh where Hindus believed Sita Maa's footprints existed

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