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‘We can’t control elections, poll body cleared doubts’: Supreme Court on 100% VVPAT-EVM verification pleas, re-iterates EVM Source Code can’t be disclosed

Supreme Court while highlighting the autonomy of the Election Commission of India observed that they don't control the elections and the poll body has cleared doubts regarding EVMs.

Kerala: Police register 42 cases of cyber attacks and election misinformation on first phase voting day

The police have also said that these offenses are linked to inciting hatred in connection with the ongoing Lok Sabha elections through various social media platforms.

Kasaragod controversy: The News Minute and others lie about EVMs favouring BJP, Prashant Bhushan repeats it in SC, Election Commission debunks claims

"These news reports are false. We have verified the allegation from the district collector and it appears that they are false.," Senior Deputy Election Commissioner Nitesh Kumar Vyas said.

Prashant Bhushan beats the dead horse again, wants ECI to reveal the source code of EVM, a demand already rejected by Supreme Court

Prashant Bhushan attacked the ECI for not revealing the source of the EVMs, but the fact is that Supreme Court has already dismissed this demand.

‘Command’ & ‘Communication’ not same, this is master-slave bus: ECI schools Left-wing propagandist Ravi Nair on the basics of EVM and English language

Responding to ulterior motives of Ravi Nair casting aspersions on EVM cloaked as “logical questions”, the ECI explained factual inaccuracies in his post.

Election Commission busts fake claim about mismatch between votes polled and counted in EVMs in 2019 polls, appeals to ‘verify before amplification’

The poll body clarified that the claims are false and that the alleged letter, purportedly from the poll body, is itself fake.

YouTube adds ‘Context’ information panel with ECI disclaimer and link to FAQs to videos raising doubts about EVM and VVPAT

YouTube introduces ‘Context’ information panel for videos raising alarm on use of EVM and VVPAT on the request of EC.

All queries already addressed, no new issue raised, have full faith in EVMs: ECI responds to fresh allegations on EVM and VVPAT by Congress

"Election Commission has full faith in use of EVMs" ECI refutes Congress' allegations on EVMs

Days after defending PM Narendra Modi on EVM issue, Ajit Anjum says that Modi doubted EVMs before 2014

Ajit Anjum has now said that PM Modi had doubted the EVMs in the past. On 3rd January, Ajit Anjum shared a fact check that showed how such allegations against Modi are false.

Opposition leaders need to learn how to accept defeat: How shady YouTubers and politicians are hurting India’s democracy with their EVM lies

Opposition leaders must learn to accept defeat and respect the electorate choice instead of spinning yarns about EVMs

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