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Bihar Education Department withdraws notification to reduce school holidays during Hindu festivals after BJP, and teachers association warn of protest

Bihar Education Department announced that the August 29 notification has been withdrawn. The BJP and the Teachers' Association of Bihar had threatened state wide protests against the controversial order.

Bihar: Teacher suspended for criticising the government for reducing the number of festival holidays in the state

The suspended teacher's comments were against a notification issued by the Bihar government's education department on August 29, which resulted in a reduction of holidays in schools during festivals.

NCPCR asks schools to refrain from punishing students for wearing Rakhis, Tilak and Mehendi during festivals

NCPCR has directed the relevant officials to issue appropriate directives and guarantee that schools refrain from punishing children who wear Rakhis, Tilak, or Mehendi during Raksha Bandhan.

Bihar govt reduces school holidays for rest of the year from 23 to 11 by cutting Durga Puja, Diwali, Chhath holidays, BJP calls it...

Bihar government's education department reduced number of holidays from 23 to 11 from September to December.

19 injured after bulls go berserk at Jallikattu event in Tamil Nadu’s Madurai

Also known as 'Eru Thazhuvuthal' and 'Mancuvirattu', Jallikattu started in full swing in three villages of Tamil Nadu's Madurai on Sunday. 

Once a mistake, twice a pattern, thrice a habit: Rahul Gandhi again avoids sharing images of Hindu Gods as he extends wishes on Rath...

Just a bow and arrow on Ram Navami, a peacock feather on Janmashtami, empty chariots on Rath Yatra: Rahul Gandhi avoids sharing the images of Hindu Gods while wishing on Hindu festivals.

‘Brahmin Teri Kabar Khudegi’: Hate slogans surface on BHU campus after Iftar party, furious students burn VC’s effigy

Students claimed that the VC ended the tradition of sending fruits to students during Navratri and started new tradition of Iftar Roza party.

Kerala: Kannur temple bans entry of Muslims in premises during festival, CPM and DYFI protest move

A banner posted at the entrance to a temple in Kerala's Kannur prohibited Muslims from entering the premises during the festival.

Uttarakhand: Hanuman Jayanti procession attacked in Roorkee, Muslim mob pelts stones and fires at Hindus leaving 10 injured

A week after attack on Ram Navami procession, a Muslim mob in Uttarakhand's Rourkee attacked a shobha yatra on Hanuman Jayanti.

Rahul Gandhi yet again avoids posting pictures of Hindu Gods on Hindu festival, instead promotes hijab while talking about Saraswati Puja

For Rahul Gandhi, the Saraswati Puja was an occasion to shame 'Hindus' because some Muslim women in Karnataka are preferring hijabs over their education.

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