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Imran Khan suffers from 'fairness-skin syndrome' claims his ex-wife Reham Khan
Only a piece of paper was thrown at the stage, not stone
Firstpost deleted the post with the image, but this is not the first time the image had people confused.
The media and the intellectual elite have a habit of whitewashing the crimes of one of their own.
The Hindu tweeted in support of Umar Khalid before deleting it and issuing an apology.
Perhaps the flagbearers of freedom of speech only like to speak their minds, but don't like to listen to what is on others' minds.
When it comes to deaths of Hindus, media shies away
The FirstPost article isn't just nonsense, but utterly so
Firstpost and IndiaSpend use dishonest headlines to push an agenda.
In the coming days, whether Hindus in Bengal are able to stand up for their rights remains to be seen.
Pictures showing two trains almost touching each other were claimed as proof of an averted collision.
The joint was just temporary closed on Wednesday and is now open
The reporter was fired from his job, but he could get a job in another media organisation.
Dr. Pandit reveals all about the Ishrat Jahan docudrama and surrounding controversies.
NDTV and Firstpost were the first to exploit a soldier's death
Former Editor-in-Chief of Firstpost talks about the past controversies and future plans of Swarajya.
Is Arun Jaitly getting rid of media posts attacking him?
Indian Media maintains a good strike-rate at propagating lies
Firstpost article hides facts to make the case against Smriti Irani look similar to that against Jitendra Tomar.
First Post editor G. Pramod Kumar misleads his audience by hiding facts and twisting stories
Blatant lies being used to manufacture stories against Narendra Modi.
How media has resorted to lies to slander Baba Ramdev, only because he is reported to have been nominated for Padma awards.

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