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As per flight tracking data, several flights flying over Pakistani airspace have returned, or diverted to avoid Pakistani airspace
Sophia had raised slogans inside a Chennai-Tuticorin flight in which Tamilsai Soundararajan was incidentally traveling.
On 12th October, a Trichy-Dubai flight hit a wall while taking off, pilots didn't realise the damage for good two hours
Without the aid of instruments, the flight crew successfully landed the plane manually in bad weather
Ministry of Civil Aviation has taken cognisance of the incident and requested the Directorate General of Civil Aviation to file a report
Next time you fly out, grab a window seat and watch these amazing aerodynamics
A discreet inquiry by intelligence agencies has revealed it as per a Hindu Report
The man named Aftab Ahmed seems to be mentally unstable
This would be a welcome news for many Delhi based or Delhi bound travellers

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