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‘Like Kejriwal, like MLA’: After AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal, Netizens mock his MLA Saurabh Bharadwaj for following ‘adult’ Twitter account

Netizens mock AAP MLA Saurabh Bharadwaj for following in Kejriwal's footsteps when he was found following an 'adult' Twitter account named @edynwaifu

Suspicious adult content account continues to try and initiate conversation with Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal

"Are you looking for a 'snack'" - Adult Twitter account Esmee4Keeps asked Delhi CM double-meaning question

‘Aam Aadmi Porn’: Netizens mock Arvind Kejriwal for allegedly following an adult content account on Twitter

Netizens shared memes to mock Arvind Kejriwal after he was accused of following an adult content account on Twitter.

YouTuber Gaurav Taneja arrested after fans swarm Noida metro station to celebrate his birthday

Gaurav Taneja and his wife invited the fans of the YouTuber to celebrate his birthday at a metro station in Noida.

Mumbai police file 446-page chargesheet against Bollywood rapper Badshah, had paid 74 lakh to get 72 lakh views

The 446-page charge sheet filed against Badshah reveals rapper paid Rs 75 lakhs to buy 72 lakh views for his music video

Rapper Badshah confesses to having paid Rs 75 lakh for fake views and likes of his videos: Report

Rapper Badshah had paid Rs 75 lakh for additional views on one of his music videos, in a bid to break a viewership record in first 24 hours

Bollywood: Rapper Badshah questioned by Mumbai police crime branch over fake follower scam

As per reports, there are over 170 high-profile stars who have allegedly paid to gain fake followers on social media.

Official Twitter account of The White House follows PM Modi and President​ Kovind

The White House follows only 19 accounts on Twitter of which no other non-American leader is followed except PM Modi and President Kovind

PM Narendra Modi becomes the second most followed leader in the world, surpasses US President Donald Trump

With over 110 million followers worldwide, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has overtaken US President Donald Trump who has 96 million followers globally

Twitter Purge : Here’s how many followers some politicians lost

We analysed some accounts, and so far, we seem to have a winner

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