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An interesting video has gone viral, in which senior journalist Ashok Shrivastav can be heard describing anecdotes, which explain the murkier relationship between the media and the past Congress government
In terms of signing international deals and MoU, PM Narendra Modi has delivered 322% more than PM Manmohan Singh at only 18% additional costs
To fund his populist scheme, Naveen Patnaik’s government has recently withdrawn 735 crore rupees from state contingency funds.
The Telegraph published a report calling Prime Minister Narendra Modi an 'accidental tourist' for his foreign trips.
The state is facing drought even as farmers continue to commit suicide despite farmer loan waiver.
Reports showed that PM Modi in comparison to Congress' Manmohan Singh, has done more trips and spent more days abroad in almost the same cost
These comparisons have been carried out for the first four years of the respective tenures
Foreign trips not working out at the moment for Mamata?
There have been 23 media lies in October 2015
Everytime Modi is out for a foreign trip, social media is full of memes and jokes. Here are some more jokes!

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