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Maharashtra: Shinde-Fadnavis govt reduces petrol prices by Rs 5 and diesel prices by Rs 3

Revised petrol price in Mumbai - the capital city of Maharashtra will be Rs 106.35 while that of diesel will be Rs. 94.28.

Tamil Nadu: BJP chief K Annamalai, 5000 others booked by police for protests demanding cut in fuel prices as per DMK’s poll promise

Tamil Nadu BJP chief K Annamalai said party will hold a satyagraha demanding that DMK fulfil its poll promise of cutting fuel prices

As petrol prices soar, some BJP-ruled states selling them at least Rs 10 cheaper than neighbouring non-BJP ruled states

Fuel price in non-BJP ruled states is over Rs 10 more compared to BJP-ruled states.

Opposition’s crocodile tears on fuel prices are just that: Crocodile tears. Here is a detailed analysis

Congress has time and again used the common man as a pawn and their perils, such a fuel prices, as an opportunity to settle political goals

Congress and other opposition ruled states like West Bengal, Kerala have not yet cut VAT to make fuel cheaper for citizens

Most Congress ruled states have not reduced the VAT on fuel and hence the petrol and diesel prices in these states are much higher as compared to BJP, NDA ruled states.

‘We will cut your tongues’: CM KCR tells Telangana BJP leaders, attacks Centre over fuel prices, GDP after Huzurabad loss

"After all who are you? We can snub you out in no time," warned KCR to BJP leaders.

Petrol-diesel prices: People can feel the liberal privilege in their bones

Because Delhi, Maharashtra or West Bengal have ‘liberal’ governments, the media cannot highlight the suffering of common people in these states.

To cut or not to cut: As Congress deals with fuel price cut dilemma, here is how they have been demanding price cut from...

Although Congress has been protesting against fuel price hike, the States ruled by the party are yet to reduce VAT on petrol and diesel

As NDA ruled states slash fuel prices following central govt’s decision, Odisha becomes only opposition ruled state to follow suit

The Centre had made the first move by reducing the Central Excise Duty on diesel by 10% and on petrol by 5%, NDA ruled states followed suit

Petrol and diesel prices to come down from tomorrow as centre cuts excise duty, urges states to reduce VAT too

Govt of India has announced that the excise duty on petrol will be reduced by Rs 5, and the excise duty on diesel will be cut by Rs 10

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