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Pakistan is on high alert after the Indian Air Force’s unexpected strikes on Balakot’s terror camps. But what purpose does an immediate lockdown of the airspace serve, other than to raise guard in anticipation of further attacks?
Taking the opportunity of reduced fuel prices, the Karnataka government has decided to increase VAT on petrol and diesel
Reduced prices in the international market has led to a second consecutive monthly price reduction
Modi had met Al Falih along with several other energy ministers and top leaders of oil exporting companies in October.
The Rupee rose by 21 paise to 69.64 against the US Dollar.
Now the country is witnessing a steady decline in petrol and diesel rates in the last several weeks
The fake bill is already circulating on social media and it is already proven as fake
This is the second time India defied the US in a week after it signed the S-400 missile deal with Russia
12 BJP ruled states have lowered the VAT of fuel prices after the announcement by the centre.
Excide duty has been reduced by ₹1.50, while oil marketing companies will cut prices by ₹1.00, states asked to match the reduction by reducing VAT.
The court said that the fuel prices are a matter of policy decision of the government and refrained from interfering
Graphs correctly depicting the changes in fuel prices were already in circulation, which the BJP missed
It is perhaps the greatest testament to Congress' credibility if such videos emerge during a supposed nationwide strike. 
Republic TV journalists have been heckled on numerous occasions in the past.
The girl was reportedly ill and was being rushed to hospital by her parents
Public transport and services disrupted in several cities, MNS workers creating a massive ruckus in Pune and Mumbai.
This is what Congress has always been: always there for the taking and never there for the making.
From 'lowest taxes on fuel' to 'rich only pay for fuel' and finally 'Congress is in a coalition, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw's arguments are as baffling as tangled 'wire'.
The Congress has organised quite a few protests against price hike by the centre
The 4.5-year-old girl was reportedly made to sit on a Dhokua and dragged across town in the harsh sun
He stated that the Petroleum Minister is scheduled to meet fuel company officials to discuss the matter
Why the prices of petrol and other fuels are high and the economics behind it.
What to make of news reports about petrol pump shutdown on Sundays
Has BJP hijacked the U-Turn Tag from AAP?

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