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Some of the hilarious jokes after Lenin's statue was brought down in Tripura.
A guide for the celebs, especially cricketers, who are regularly discovering something not allowed in Islam.
Congress launched a 'State Bank of Tomatoes' to protest against price rise, but there is a catch.
A calamity of the highest order has hit the man named Venky Nayadu.
It is about the Kejriwal and it is not about Kejriwal
Now that BJP has got 4 MLAs in the Delhi assembly, what all does it change? Not so seriously.
People with utter disregard of the law and questionable moral ethics would be the preferred passengers
The YouTube channel of a popular parody group is getting banned for mocking AAP. Meet the founders.
A short account of what happened when the Prime Minister addressed the nation.
Satirist Ashwin S Kumar imagines himself as Sagarika Ghose, and writes what she would have written.
A local party wanted donkey as its CM candidate, but rules don’t allow animals to fight elections.
People on Twitter played a game, and journalist Vir Sanghvi obliged.

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