Home Politics 4 MLAs now! What does the Rajouri Garden win mean for the BJP in Delhi?

4 MLAs now! What does the Rajouri Garden win mean for the BJP in Delhi?

The results of the by-polls were declared yesterday and the BJP managed to convincingly win the Rajouri Garden seat while AAP lost its deposit and came a distant 3rd. After the win the BJP has added one more MLA to increase its tally to four MLAs.

In this great piece of journalism, we examine as to what difference would that make:

  • Four people are so much better for playing sports than three people. The MLAs either during their work or in their free time can play Tennis or Badminton doubles or tug of war. They can also team up and play a 2 vs 2 game of football. Also playing cricket would make some sense as there can now be a batsman, bowler, wicket keeper and fielder.
  • When they go to restaurants they can easily ask the waiter for 2/4 soup instead of the rather twisted 2/3 order.
  • While travelling in cabs together they can pay less per person as cabs allow four people to travel and they can split the bill 4 ways instead of the existing three.
  • Also whenever the MLAs decide to go boating in one of these boats, the boat can now stay evenly balanced with 4 people on board and not get lopsided causing a risk of capsizing which might have happened if three were sitting.

  • The 4 MLAs can also become a force in morality as whenever the Kejriwal government is thinking of doing something controversial its advisers can chide them by reminding, that “Char log kya kahene“.
  • They can now create a proper musical band with a lead singer, drummer, guitarist and a base guitarist and not put added pressure on the lead singer to also play the guitar.
  • There are certain disadvantages too, now they won’t be able to use auto-rickshaws or those Sholay styled motorbikes with sidecar to ride around.
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