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Gau Rakshak

‘If Muslims die it is lynching, if Hindus die then there is silence’: Hundreds of people stage protests, shops closed in Faridabad following death...

During the protest, the crowd demanding strict action called out the administration's indifference raising slogan, ‘Muslim mare to lynching, Hindu mare to mon hai, ye Prashashan kon hai’.

‘How is Bajrang Bali’s slogan communal’: Gorakshak Mohammad Faiz Khan gives befitting answers to News 24 journalist

Mohammad Faiz Khan said, "I can chant the whole Hanuman Chalisa. I am from Raipur in Chhattisgarh."

Gaurakshaks: How cow theft and cow vigilantism is more of law and order problem, not a communal one

India would not need Gau Rakshaks if people become empathetic towards cow stealing and smuggling and their illegal slaughter and call out the crime for what it is - instead of building false narratives for their international audience to play up the 'Muslims under attack' rhetoric.

Congress, assorted propagandists spread misinformation regarding cow carcasses at dumping yard in Kutch, here is what authorities say

Congress spokesperson Rohan Gupta tweeted a video and questioned where are the gau rakshaks while showing video of cow carcasses at dumping yard in Kutch.

Daredevil Gau Rakshaks save cows from smugglers, ram their vehicle into the truck carrying cows

Video of Gau rakshaks from Gujarat is making the rounds in which they are seen ramming their vehicle into a truck allegedly smuggling cows.

Beef mafia in Uttar Pradesh: Man shot dead by cattle smugglers for resisting theft of his buffaloes

Usveer Yadav, 21, was shot dead in Uttar Pradesh's Kasganj by cattle smugglers who raided his house to steal buffaloes

‘Gau Raksha is our Dharma, deeply anguished that Congress leaders used photo of my injury to malign Haryana govt’: Gau Rakshak files complaint

Tinku had suffered a deep head injury while confronting cattle smugglers near Gurugram. Congress used his photo and lied to further its political agenda.

Gujarat: Cow smugglers kill VHP Gaurakshak Hardik Kansara, nephew of district BJP president, 10 arrested

Ten individuals have been arrested in Gujarat on accusations of murdering Gaurakshak Hardik Kansara in Valsad district.

PETA India wants to shut down the entire dairy industry to prevent cow slaughter, but there is another solution

Instead of snatching away livelihoods of 8.4 million diary farmers, PETA India can promote animal shelters

Mumbai: Gau Rakshak attacked, assaulted by violent mob in Nalasopara in presence of police

Gau Rakhak Rajesh Pal was reportedly attacked by a violent mob in Nalasopara's Burhan Chowk area while trying to prevent a cow smuggling operation.

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