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Gender equality

US allots $200 million for gender equity and equality programs in Pakistan, 20 times increase from $10 million given in 2020

Despite giving such huge aid to Pakistan, everything the US gets in return is a protest for disrespecting Islam.

Kerala: Islamic cleric against equal property rights for women, govt gives in to his demand but later has a change of heart

Islamic cleric Nasar Faizy Koodathai said that a female member of a family is allowed half of what a man receives from the father's property.

Home Ministry releases advisory to ensure safety and rights of Transpeople in prisons

The MHA guidelines ask states to ensure rights of Transgenders including right to self-identity, safety and healthcare in prisons.

Switzerland allows legal gender change through ‘self-declaration’, without medical procedure or therapy

Legal change of gender will no longer need medical procedure or hormone therapy. Transgenders in Switzerland can now just walk into a civil registry office and get themselves documented as per 'chosen gender'.

Girls refuse to use unisex toilet at Scottish schools after boys urinate in sanitary bins, play with tampons: Details

Scottish schoolgirls have refused to use gender-neutral toilets after boys wreak havoc in the toilets, played with tampons.

United Kingdom: Primary school makes boys wear skirts to promote ‘gender equality’

The Castleview Primary school in United Kingdom had asked its pupil, including boys, to wear skirts to school on November 4.

Women can be inducted into National Defence Academy from next year, Centre informs Supreme Court

"We complement the ASG for taking a pro-active approach in persuading Armed Forces to take a gender-equal approach,” remarked the SC Bench.

#Tweet4Bharat: Here is a list of the winners in the English category and their winning tweet threads!

The participation exceeded expectations greatly and finally, after much deliberation, we are now in a position to declare the winners.

Oversmart Rahul Gandhi tries to hide Congress’ misdeeds on women’s permanent commission, literally exposes that to everyone

SC dismissed Centre’s submission against a 2010 order that had approved permanent commission for women officers

Student group of TISS demands scrapping of awards like Gold medal as it ‘upholds concept of merit’

TISS student group expressed 'solidarity' with the Student Action Committee that was evidently spearheading a campaign against the provision for awarding 'Gold medal', 'Silver medal', 'Best Student' and 'Best Dissertation Award'. 

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