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PM Modi becomes first global leader to cross 2 crore subscribers on YouTube, has 43 times more views than Ukranian President Zelenskyy

In fact, the global leader with the second-most followers is former Brazilian President Jair Bolsanora, who just has 64 lakh subscribers, which is a little less than one-third of the subscribers the Narendra Modi YouTube channel has.

From soft power ascendancy to global leadership: India’s inspiring rise and future prospects in the international arena

India has a vision of a relatively pluralistic government, non-violent, and liberal with a non-threatening global leadership.

Hindustan Times declares Anil Kapoor and Janhvi Kapoor ‘distinguished global leaders’, to ‘ideate’ on ‘New World Order’ in summit: Details

Anil Kapoor and Janhvi Kapoor have been dubbed "distinguished global leaders" by the Hindustan Times.

US, France, others back India’s right to self-defence even as Pakistan cries foul over its airspace violation

Many globals powers refrained from siding with Pakistan and have defended India's right to self-defence, while also calling for restraint.

India to host G-20 summit in 2022 on the occasion of 75th year of India’s independence

Italy, which was supposed to host the event in 2022, accepted India's request to allow it to host in 2022.

After Champions of the Earth award by the UN, PM Modi conferred with the Seoul Peace Prize

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been receiving accolades from across the globe for his commitment to global peace and sustainable development

The evolution of India’s air power in global times

Indian Air Force, the primary force to secure Indian airspace and to conduct aerial warfare is the fourth largest in the world in terms of its assets and active military personnel.

Leaders of the world mourn the death of former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee

The lakhs of followers of Atal Bihari Vajpayee across the world, are mourning for loss of their leader

PM Modi ranked 9th on Forbes list of most powerful persons in the world

According to Forbes, there are 17 new names on the list this year

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