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US: Negligence lawsuit filed against Google Maps after North Carolina man drove to his death off a collapsed bridge following app’s directions

Google Maps reportedly instructed him to cross Snow Creek Bridge. The bridge had collapsed in 2013 and was never rebuilt.

MP: Ambemata Temple’s name changed to ‘Kahkasha mosque’ on Google Maps, police arrest Shahrukh, Ameen and a minor after locals complain

The name of a temple in Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh was changed to that of a mosque on Google maps - accused arrested

Google Maps crashes, leaving billions directionless

Late on Thursday India time at around 9:30 PM, the most used navigation app, Google Maps crashed leaving all its users directionless.

Delhi riots accused Safoora Zargar has to ‘drop a pin’ on Google Maps for verification when she visits Kashmir for Eid, orders court

Shahdara District allows Safoora Zargar visit Kashmir for Eid, provided she shares her location data with police through Google Maps

Google shows a distorted map of India a day after Twitter did the same: Details

Google showed a distorted map of India, depicting Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and Aksai Chin as separate entities and not a part of India

Indonesia: Man almost marries the wrong woman after Google Maps guides him to the wrong location

After the groom's party enter the bride's house for a wedding in Indonesia, someone in the group realised they are in the wrong house

ISRO and MapmyIndia join hands to build an alternative to Google maps with ‘make in India’ mapping portal and geospatial services: Details

MapmyIndia's apps and services will integrate with ISRO's huge catalogue of satellite imagery to replace Google maps

Google updates Maps to provide real-time crowd information for public transit amid COVID-19 pandemic

Using the historic data of past riders, Google Maps will predict if the area you want to visit will be crowded or not.

Is Pakistan govt website really showing the entire Kashmir as part of India, a fact check

Kashmir is seen in India on Pakistan govt's Covid portal because they have embeded Bing map, which shows different maps based on user location

Gujarat cities with live coronavirus patients pinned on Google Maps will show you how close the virus is

Gujarat administration ups its ante, takes help of technology to tackle coronavirus

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