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Huffpost does not like that govt has done well in e-governance, so they complain about things included in it.
Modi is without doubt the best PM we have had, but it is also why we don't deserve him
The decision is being viewed as a step towards the separation of the Church from the State.
This move comes after the Uttarakhand High Court had in September asked the centre to cancel the licenses of websites that offer obscene content
Modi sarkar is moving the country from crony capitalism to a rule-based regime, the foundation of any first world country
By 2022, India's poverty headcount will reduce to less than 20 million, expected to become zero soon thereafter
With this, the government seems to have entered into the election mode
They want to 'audit' the government and see if the claims made are true.
If Modi has his way, nobody will ever ask again: Why is Bihar this way?
Amit Shah hit the nail on the head when he said 'governance fatigue' has set in
As Karnataka is ready to go for polls this summer, Congress will face its biggest electoral test as it is the only large state where it is in power. While Rahul Gandhi may have latched on to the agenda of questioning development under the Modi government, governance seems to be the Congress’ Achilles heel in Karnataka. With almost 5 years of a stable government, Congress had failed to deliver on almost all fronts and will most likely face the ire of the electorate over the missed opportunities. For all the Congress’ rhetoric on farmer welfare, farmers in Karnataka have benefitted...
The Minister of technical education in Punjab has courted controversy
Many BJP supporters are already seeing Yogi Adityanath as the next Prime Minister. Expectations should meet reality.
There could be some disappointment with the government, but we need to avert a tragedy.
A look at how the technology behind Aadhaar enrollment and authentication works, and the concerns.
The procedure will not be required to go through numerous procurement stages.
Are welfare schemes by the Narendra Modi government mere rehash of some old Congress or UPA schemes?
With defeat in the MCD polls, AAP needs to introspect than continue with its current brand of politics.
Contrary to what the apologists and sympathisers say, the left-wing terrorists are not fighting for development.
Four major areas of actions that the government should focus on for overall development.
Arvind Kejriwal is failing. He may or may not bounce back. But his story teaches everyone a lesson.
The ship has been wrecked. The party is sinking, and only the captain is to be blamed.
Illegal slaughterhouses are not just about not having a few government documents.
A look at what the Rajastshan Chief Minister has been doing and how it may help her
We find out as to what's the deal with media's exuberance in reporting about slaughterhouses
The incident shows how much 'development' has become a hated word for the left-wing terrorists.
Why people had been voting for BJD in elections after elections, and what suddenly changed.
What different sectors and groups like Farmers, Rural India, youth, and the middle class got.

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