Friday, August 6, 2021


gun control

American firearm company makes gun resembling Lego toy for ‘Super Fun’, withdraws after massive outrage and objections from Lego Group

Culper Precision, a Utah-based gun company, developed its customised Glock weapon named Block19, which looked like a Lego toy

Indianapolis mass shooting that killed 8, including 4 Sikhs: Attacker was a former employee at FedEx, was previously arrested twice

The gunman who killed at least eight people at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis mass shooting, was a former employee of the company.

At least eight people dead, many injured in a mass shooting at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis in the USA

8 people were killed during a mass shooting at the FedEx Ground Plainfield Operations Center in Indianapolis on late Thursday

Mumbai residents take out march to protest gun control laws in the US, leave people amused

India already has one of the strictest gun control laws in the world

What is wrong with the discourse around the Orlando terror attack

Are some being "politically correct" or just being terror apologists?

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