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BJP President JP Nadda’s Twitter account restored after hackers take control, post appeal to donate crypto for Ukraine

Within minutes, Nadda's account was restored and the contentious tweets posted by the hacker deleted.

Sansad TV’s YouTube channel temporarily halted after it was hacked: Details

Sansad TV's YouTube account has been showing a message that 'This account has been terminated for violating YouTube's community guidelines'.

Alleged victims of Pegasus snoop who gave their devices to self-proclaimed ‘experts’ fail to submit phones before SC panel

On January 2, 2022, the technical committee appointed by the Supreme Court had issued a public notice asking citizens and alleged victims of the Pegasus spyware to come forward and contact the panel if they suspected that their mobile devices were infected by Pegasus malware.

Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Twitter account compromised, briefly changes name to that of Elon Musk

Ministry of Information & Broadcasting Twitter account has since been restored.

PM Modi’s Twitter account hacked to tweet pro Bitcoin tweet, earlier Barack Obama, Elon Musk, Bill Gates were also targeted

In September 2020, the Twitter account of Prime Minister Modi that was linked to his personal website was hacked. A series of tweets promoting cryptocurrency was published during the brief period.

Hackers take control of Congress leader Kapil Sibal’s Facebook page, changed to an Australian skincare company’s page

Kapil Sibal's verified Facebook Page was hacked and it was changed to an Australian skincare company Dermalyana

Pakistani national sentenced to 12 years in US for wire fraud, hacked 1.9 million phones cost AT&T $200 million in losses: Full story

In an internal forensic analysis conducted by the world's largest telecommunication company, it was discovered that a total of 19,00,003 (19 lac) cell phones were compromised.

Clubhouse Data Leak claim: Experts rubbish Hacker’s claims, data contains only numbers that can be collected from anywhere

Hacker group claims that they have got access to over 3.8 billion phone numbers from Clubhouse servers, but their claim seems to be false

AIMIM Twitter account hacked, poses as Elon Musk to talk about crypto currency

Replying to actual Elon Musk's tweet, AIMIM posing as Elon Musk (Ꭼꮮꮻɴ Ꮇꮜꮪꮶ) excitedly talked about crypto currency.

Beware: Hacked verified Twitter accounts of journalists used for phishing attacks on others, several become victims

Twitter account of The Bhutanese editor came under phishing attack by hacked account of Mid-Day journalist Gaurav Sarkar

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