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It seems like the activists wanted to hack the media arm of Asianet
One can see the signature of the hacker which reads 'Muhammad Bilal' with 'Team PCE' that follows it. 
Facebook is already facing scrutiny for allegedly leaking millions of users' data to Cambridge Analytica
No one has taken responsibility for this 'expression of love' and the website is now restored.
How to cook up a controversy from nowhere
Another major face-palm moment for the BJP over the Chandigarh stalking incident
A look at how the technology behind Aadhaar enrollment and authentication works, and the concerns.
The website has been instrumentalist in exposing the sins of NDTV
Hacking blamed for certain retweets done by Manish Sisodia's which were insulting to Anna Hazare
Not only the news article was sensationalist, it was an old one written in 2010 but shared as if new.
After fears of suspension, this is the latest headache of RW Twitter users
NDTV fears that emails will be used ‘out of context’ to damage their reputation.
A group calling itself ‘Legion’ hacked the account and sent warnings to Rahul Gandhi.
That awkward moment when some media houses couldn't differentiate between hacker and Rahul Gandhi.
Another 'hacking' on yet another digital asset of the Congress party

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