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Uttar Pradesh: Yogi Adityanath govt orders stores, manufacturers to remove ‘halal’ certified products in 15 days

On 18th November, the State outlawed the manufacturing, distribution, storage, and retailing of food items bearing halal certification.

Explained: How an animal is slaughtered in the ‘halal way’ and why stunning may not adhere to Islamic principles

Devout Muslims, who believe that Sharia is valid for all times and places, refuse to adapt to the modern technological advancements in the meat industry.

Activist group Hindu Janajagruti Samiti demands a ban on halal meat, says it is a step towards making India an Islamic state

Hindu Janajagruti Samiti called on Hindus to consume ’jhatka’ meat instead of halal certified one.

80% of meat supplied is halal: Meat traders call SDMC’s move to display whether they are selling Halal or Jhatka meat ‘unwarranted’

Yesterday SDMC passed order mandating eatries and meat shops to display whether they are selling Halal or Jhatka meat

Jhatka or Halal? Restaurants and retailers in South Delhi will now have to compulsorily display what meat they are selling

SDMC opines that it should be the prerogative of all Hindus and Sikhs to know whether they are being served Halal or Jhatka meat

The first-ever non-Halal restaurant opens in Kerala, Ernakulam district: Here are the details

The restaurateur in Kerala, Smt Thushara has also placed a non-halal banner outside her eatery

Malaysia: Cartel sold fake halal meat sourced from China and other countries to Muslims for over 40 years

Malaysia is now planning to establish a Royal Commission of Inquiry to investigate the matter and mitigate the fears of the Muslims living in the country

Kerala: Four arrested for opposing halal notification in a bakery, had demanded removal saying halal is discriminatory

A bakery in Kerala, called 'Mody', was allegedly forced to remove the 'Halal' sticker notifying the availability of Halal food.

Soon, it might be mandatory for restaurants and retailers to display whether they are selling Halal or Jhatka meat: Details

SDMC says intent of the proposals is not to ban Halal meat, but to enable people to make an informed choice of meat

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