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Mumbai police refused to add accused Akhtar Sheikh's name in FIR against minor girls rape case
The communal violence which involved stone pelting and heavy firing has left a number of people injured.
Muneeruddin Usmani, the person who had issued such orders speaking to the media said that they have asked students to avoid travel by trains and outings during the holiday in order to avoid problems arising ‘due to excess checking’.
As per witnesses, the Muslim mob reportedly targeted the Ashram since it housed people with disabilities
Though goats are known to be one the most docile living creatures, they have lately become the source for such communal tensions in Uttar Pradesh
A police officer was attacked near a 'religious site' and his car was set ablaze
Shah Mohammed, Dost Mohammed and Yaar Mohammad had allegedly molested a minor Hindu girl near Katra Bazaar area while she was going to the toilet.
The family alleges that Muslim goons of the village had murdered their son and the police are not helping them
The entire incident was captured in CCTV
Both communities resorted to shouting slogans, as tensions gripped and resulted in damaging of the idol.
The accused duo, residents of Bihar's Jamalpur, were arrested from Kolkata admitted to killing the woman
The girl's mother petrified to stay in the Muslim dominated area said that they would leave the area once her daughter was traced
Hindu groups have alleged that the question paper was intentionally set to incite communal tension
Police registered a case under IPC section 144, 323, 504 r/w 149.
Hyderabad City Police have clarified that the attack was due to a personal grudge developed by two regular offenders in the area
Illegal cow slaughtering and cattle mafia have become an epidemic and a major flash-point for ethnic and religious conflicts
Eight have already been arrested by the police in connection with the incident.
Dalit families have alleged that they live under a constant fear of conversion

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