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‘Gandhi’s politics is hollow and noisy, full of treachery and deceit’: Read what Dr Ambedkar said about the ‘Mahatma’

"The politics of Gandhi is hollow and noisy. It is the most dishonest politics in the history of Indian polity. Gandhi was the man responsible for eliminating morality from politics and instead introduced commercialism in Indian politics. Politics has been denuded of its virtue", wrote Dr BR Ambedkar

‘Older than tradition, older than legend’: The millennia-old history of Kashi

Kashi Vishwanath Dham temple has been constructed and demolished multiple times.

Rani Kamlapati: Read about the queen from the Gond tribe in whose name the Habibganj railway station will now be known as

Rani Kamlapati was the last Hindu queen of Bhopal. Dost Mohammad, an Afghan commander, took over her kingdom.

“It projects hatred towards British,” said filmmaker Indraadip Dasgupta while rejecting Sardar Udham’s entry to Oscar 2022

A film based on one of the bloodiest parts of our history is 'too Indian' and 'hateful towards British' to be part of Oscars, as per jury member Indraadip Dasgupta

Author Vikram Sampath hits back at ‘historians’ and trolls who attacked him for saying that history textbooks give prominence to Muslim invaders

Historian Vikram Sampath hits back at 'historians' and trolls with evidence how history textbooks glorify Muslim and ignore indigenous rulers

Vikram Sampath, who authored books on Veer Savarkar, gets elected as Fellow of the Royal Historical Society

Royal Historical Society is the United Kingdom’s (UK) foremost society working for historians and history since the past 150 years.

School textbooks: Tools of knowledge or weapons of cultural genocide?

Narratives are not the truth; rather they nudge you to understand the truth in a particular way. They are never neutral or innocent; they are always strategic.

Hinduism will be finished in another century, columnist Abhijit Iyer Mitra predicts. Read why he thinks so

Abhijit draws from history to show parallels between what is happening in modern post-independence India and what happened to the religions of pre-Christian Europe and pre-Islamic Iran and Egypt, which are relegated to museums now.

Palaeolithic cave paintings found near Delhi in the Aravalli ranges in Haryana, experts say could be among the oldest

Ancient cave paintings found in the Aravalli mountain ranges in Haryana, just outside national capital region and near Mangar Bani

Karan Johar announces biopic on C. Sankaran Nair and his Jallianwala Bagh Massacre courtroom battle

The C. Sankaran Nair movie will be an adaptation of the book "The Case That Shook The Empire" and will be produced by Karan Johar.

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