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Presenters with a history of creating hoaxes ‘shock’ the world with ‘alien’ corpses in Mexico’s Congress, years after the Nazca claims were debunked as...

The alien corpses presented in Mexico Congress have dubious origins. The claims were already debunked by Peru's ministry of culture

Bengaluru school gets bomb threat on email, turns out to be hoax by a student of another school who did it for fun

A bomb threat mail sent to National Academy for Learning (NAFL) in Bengaluru was sent by a minor boy for fun

Random men carrying boxes pose as ‘Twitter employees’ fired by Elon Musk, prank CNBC reporters: Here is what happened

CNBC fell for a prank by random strangers who posed as Twitter employees fired by company's new owner Elon Musk

TMC’s Derek O’Brien steps in to give legitimacy to The Wire’s Meta joke that turned out to be a hoax

O'Brien would rather put his bets on trash published by dubious platforms with questionable credibility and create noise in the Parliament so that the cries of people back home in West Bengal are stifled.

As Mamata Banerjee claims Modi stopped her ‘foreign trip’, here are the many unanswered questions about the event she was supposedly invited to

Mamata Banerjee has claimed that the Central Government has denied her permission to attend a world event at Rome.

Bomb scare on AirAsia flight bound for Delhi from Bengaluru. Here is what we know so far

The AirAsia flight landed at the IGI airport and was taken to the bay area instead of the operational area. All 159 passengers were asked to deboard along with their handbags.

Noida, Ghaziabad, Prayagraj, Kanpur: Hoax bomb threats ahead of Republic Day keep Uttar Pradesh police on tenterhooks

Fear and panic has the state of Uttar Pradesh in its grips after at least six hoax bomb threats were reported from Noida, Ghaziabad, Allahabad and Kanpur

Here are 5 fear-mongering claims about the COVID vaccine, because even Harbhajan Singh is not ‘immune’ to rumours

Debunking claims about Covid-19 vaccine is the need of the hour as celebrities and influencers have started posting misleading information.

Security increased in Ambala air force station after receiving threat to blow up the airbase housing Rafale fighter jets

Although police have said that the letter may be a hoax, security has been tightened at Ambala air base as a precautionary measure

Fact-check: Did Antifa rioters break into a zoo and let loose giraffe, tiger and hippopotamus on the streets in America

On Monday, images of hippopotamus and giraffe roaming on the streets went viral on social media with various claims that these animals were spotted in various parts of America after the violence over African American man George Floyd's killing.

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