Topic: Homosexual

Pope Francis's position with regards to homosexuality in the clergy is not new as the Roman Catholic church believes that homosexual acts are sinful.
The mainstream media, if it was indeed neutral, would have portrayed the divisions within the LGBT community accurately.
The recent judgement declaring the legality of Homosexual relationships has not received well by certain sections
Are our liberals willing to join the charge for gay rights in Muslim majority Jammu and Kashmir?
Given that this is India, those will eventually happen, but like all things in India, it takes time and patience
Consensual sexual acts between adults in private cannot be termed criminal, SC bench calls the part of section 377 'unconstitutional'.
With the courts declaring that the lordships will deliver their verdict on Section 377 tomorrow, one can only hope sense prevails
AIMPLB says homosexuality is 'injurious to human health'.
Modi government has stated that it has no objection regarding the decriminalisation of homosexuality

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