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China was sharply criticized for its human rights violation over mass detention of members of the Muslim Uighur community at a United Nations Human Rights Council meeting recently.
Countries like Canada and Sweden welcome refugees who are persecuted, but why do Pakistan Hindus fail to get this helping hand?
PoK activists held Pakistan responsible for fostering and promoting extremism and exporting terrorism in the neighbouring countries
The exodus of Rohingyas to Bangladesh was sparked by fears of deportation to Myanmar
Netflix pulls down an episode in the comedy show, critical of Saudi regime
The Dalits and Tribals were forced to toil for 19 hours a day with no wages.
China has been unrestrained and aggressive in 'schooling' its Muslim Uighur population
Federation for Human Rights (FPR) urged the government of Puducherry to introduce "Human Rights Curriculum" in the school curriculum in the Union Territory.
The Chinese have attracted very little retribution from the international community for its inhumane treatment of Uighur Muslims.
I do not believe human rights organisations have the right people to judge the actions of those who have to make choices that could result in life and death.
After blaming the parents for firing her, she threatened to sue those who were questioning her on Twitter
Ironically, an investigation report by Amnesty International itself had confirmed massacre of Hindus by Rohingyas after Indian ‘liberals’ had tried to give them a clean chit
The grievances of the Pashtun community include a list of human rights concerns regarding missing youth who are often picked up as alleged terrorists.
In January, India will join 46 other countries as fellow members in the UN's top human rights body.
According to the boy's mother, the woman had allegedly tried several times in the past to involve her son in sexual acts.
Saudi is alleged by Turkey of killing one if its critic Jamal Khashoggi, inside Saudi consulate in Istanbul
India said that a state whose foundation was laid on religious fundamentalism should not have any opinion on communal harmony
One waits for the world to wake up to the gross human rights violations happened right under the world's nose. 
According to Indonesia's law, any person who deliberately abuses a religion in public may be sentenced to up to five years in prison.
The businessmen are the ones who helped President Zuma in his corruption
The report among other things claimed that Indian security forces use excessive force in Kashmir
Saibaba was convicted of waging a war against India.
The Maoist sponsored human rights organisations only espouse the cause of separatism and violence, he wrote
The Ministry has reacted sharply for the UNHCR report, saying that it is damaging to India's reputation
Charanjit Singh was known to be a strong voice for religious harmony.
"Terrorism is an enemy of the basic human rights: of life, peace and prosperity," Swaraj said.

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