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Human Rights

Roe v Wade, US Supreme Court’s ‘leaked’ draft, abortion rights in the country: All you need to know about the 1973 case and why...

The draft overturning abortion rights has been written by Conservative appointed Justice Samuel Alito and supported by four others with three liberal defendants.

Abhisar Sharma prematurely celebrates Blinken’s statement on human rights in India, then goes on an unhinged rant after Jaishankar’s response

Abhisar Sharma claimed that the two Indian ministers did not react to Blinken's remarks there by validating US claims. However, Sharma's claims were premature as Dr Jaishankar soon gave a 'befitting reply'.

‘We too have views about Human Rights issues in the United States’: How Dr S Jaishankar hit back on USA’s criticism of India

Speaking at a joint news conference after the 2+2 dialogue, Dr S Jaishankar said that even India has views on human rights situation, including of USA

United Nations General Assembly votes to suspend Russia from Human Rights Council, India abstains from voting

United Nations General Assembly voted to suspend Russia from Human Rights Council due to the ongoing invasion of Ukraine

Ex-Amnesty India head Aakar Patel roots for American interference after Ilhan Omar repeats her Anti-Modi rhetoric again

Aakar Patel thanked Ilhan Omar after she repeated her Muslim Human rights narrative against India and Modi govt

Videos of Ukrainian forces killing captured Russian POWs go viral

According to local Ukrainian reports, the attack on the Russian Prisoners of War (POW) was carried out by the "Georgian Legion", a group of Georgian volunteers formed in 2014 to fight for Ukraine.

US-based International Commission for Human Rights and Religious Freedom(ICHRRF) officially recognises the genocide of Kashmiri Hindus

The ICHRRF declared its recognition of the Kashmiri Hindu Genocide in Jammu & Kashmir after a hearing on the issue.

The abandoned minorities of Pakistan: Discrimination with impunity, state and constitutional support to the forced conversion, humiliation of Hindus

The killing of a Hindu girl, Pooja Oad in Pakistan for resisting abduction attempt summarises the fear under which Hindus live

My Lai massacre: Over 500 innocent villagers, including women and children, were slaughtered by US troops on March 16, 1968

In a gruesome violence against innocent Vietnamese villagers perpetrated by US troops. 182 women, 173 children and a total of 504 people were killed in the village of My Lai on March 16, 1968.

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