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Human Rights

Forced marriages and conversions of Hindu women: UN experts condemn Pakistan for atrocities against minority women in the country

A panel of experts from the UN issued a statement in Geneva and slammed Pakistan for the forced marriages and religious conversions of Christian and Hindu women in Pakistan.

Hamas-sympathising UN employee Lamia Burkart targets whistleblower Khaled Hassan on X, UN first says she didn’t have any X account, later says it was...

Lamia Burkart is a Communications Strategist in UN Human Rights wing. She is a Hamas-sympathiser.

Bangladesh govt furious on European Parliament’s resolution on political group Odhikar, calls it interference in judicial process of a sovereign nation

"The timing and language of the joint motion, tabled by some political groups in the European Parliament, for making judgemental comments over sub-judice matters and a court verdict on two ‘Odhikar’ officials delivered today in Dhaka is reflective of their intention of interfering into the independent judiciary of a sovereign state, the statement said." 

Saudi Arabia: Retired teacher, brother of prominent Islamic scholar sentenced to death for 5 tweets, 92 persons executed so far in 2023

The 54-year-old retired Saudi teacher, Muhammad al-Ghamdi, was sentenced “following 5 tweets criticizing corruption and human rights violations,” his brother Saeed bin Nasser al-Ghamdi tweeted last week.

As US State Department spokesperson says they “will continue to raise rights concerns with India,” here is a look into United States’ human rights...

The United States is in the habit of releasing reports on "religious freedom and human rights violations" in India so much so that one can argue it is its favourite hobby.

‘I don’t think the US can or should lecture any other country on democracy and human rights’: Senior White House official Kurt Campbell on...

Kurt Campbell said he doesn’t think US can or should be in a position to give lectures to any other country.

Barack Obama, who should be declared a war criminal, pontificates to India about human rights: Here is his track record

In 2016, Barack Obama created a record of being the only US President to take the country to war during the entirety of his 8-year term.

The worst abuser of human rights of women and religious minorities must be held accountable: What UNHRC must keep in mind about Pakistan’s submission

This Monday (30 January 2023), the UN Human Rights Council’s Universal Periodic Review of Pakistan’s human rights record will take place in Geneva.

Human Rights Watch advises governments not to move trade from China to India alleging human rights violations, repeats familiar lies

Human Rights Watch asks governments not to shift businesses from China to India alleging India is mimicking China in violations of rights

Saudi Arabia: 3 Pakistanis among 17 men executed in last 12 days. Here is what we know so far

The NGO Reprieve blamed the Joe Biden administration for the rise in executions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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