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Hunter Biden

Barack Obama spearheaded setting up of dangerous bio-weapon lab in Ukraine, US President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden secured funding for it: Reports

Russia said that US President Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden and his investment fund Rosemont Seneca financed the Pentagon's bio-weapon programme in Ukraine

Emails to Ukrainian energy company to racist chats, sex clippings: Federal probe confirms existence of laptop belonging to Hunter Biden, USA President’s son

While the validity of Hunter Biden's controversial laptop has been verified, his Investigation for tax evasions and violating domestic laws on lobbying is to continue

Hunter Biden’s video: US President’s naked son seen telling prostitute that Russian drug dealers stole his laptop that had more sex videos

In the video, a naked and intoxicated Hunter Biden is seen telling a naked prostitute that his stolen laptop has multiple sex videos and the Russian mafia may use it to blackmail him.

‘Nobody should trust Wikipedia’, warns its co-founder Larry Sanger, says the site is taken over by leftists who reject content that doesn’t fit their...

Larry Sanger said that there are teams of Democratic party leaning editors on Wikipedia who remove content that they don’t like.

Hunter Biden’s laptop reveal chat with lawyer, N-word and racist remarks surface

Hunter Biden's controversial laptop and hard drive were picked up from a Delaware computer repair shop. His association with a Ukrainian gas company and alleged links with prostitution rackets had caused a political controversy.

US President Joe Biden’s son Hunter obsessed with prostitutes and making porn, uploaded family member’s naked butt to Pornhub account: Reports

Obsessed with pornography, Hunter Biden had a large collection of naked selfies and hundreds of pictures of nude women.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey admits suppressing explosive Hunter Biden story of NY Post was a mistake, downplays it as “process error”

The Post had published a story about email conversations between a Ukrainian executive and Hunter Biden, the son of Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden.

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