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Two incidents of idol and jewellery theft inside temples have take place within yesterday only.
A police team with forensic experts is investigating the case.
About 1200 ancient idols are believed to have been stolen between 1992 and 2017
Bihar has witnessed a slew of communal violence incidents in recent days
The theft of ancient idols were unnoticed for decades.
Antiquated idols of Jain Tirthankaras worth crores of rupees were seized by police.
This incident has happened in West Bengal's Dasnagar region
There are various instances of such temple theft
This is a worrying sign from the region in Uttar Pradesh
Anuraag Saxena is a Singapore-based CA & MBA, who runs India Pride Project, which was termed 'communal' by ThePrint.
There is a Muslim shrine in the police station premises too. Incident happened in Farrukhabad.

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