Wednesday, August 10, 2022


illegal immigrants

Several mazars have come up inside Jim Corbett National Park, demographic shift continues to remain a burgeoning issue in Uttarakhand

Mazars have sprung in and around Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand triggering fears of demography change.

116 Villages along Nepal border are now ‘Muslim majority’, madrasas and mosques mushrooming everywhere: Report

Assam and UP have recommended to increase BSF's jurisdiction from 50 KM to 100 KM in border areas.

Illegal Chinese nationals: Special Task Force arrests Ravi Natwarlal’s partner Johnson with three accomplices, UP police arrest 14 other Chinese nationals

Special Task Force of Uttar Pradesh police arrested 4 Chinese nationals in greater Noida guest house case

Karnataka: 7 illegal Bangladeshi nationals working at a garment factory arrested in Ramanagara district, fake Indian IDs found

These illegal Bangladeshi immigrants moved in India through Assam and traveled to Bengaluru to get a job with a fake Aadhar card.

Had been staying in India since 2015 with a fake passport, voter ID and driving license: Bangladeshi Faisal Ahmed arrested for the murder of...

Faisal has been involved with Ansarullah Bangla Team (ABT), affiliated with Islamist terror outfit Al-Qaeda.

Bangladeshi woman swims across the Sunderbans to meet her lover in West Bengal, arrested for entering India illegally

Krishna Mandal, 22, swam across the Sundarbans and crossed the India-Bangladesh border to meet her online boyfriend in Bengal.

Bengaluru police start identifying illegal Bangladeshi migrants, leftist propaganda websites start dog-whistling about ‘Dar ka Mahaul’

The Bengaluru police have launched an identification campaign to track down Bangladeshi immigrants in the state.

‘Muslim population used to be 1.5% now it is 14%’: Swami Darshan Bharati explains how Uttarakhand is witnessing a rapid demographic shift

Swami Darshan Bharati expressed concerns on how it is nearly impossible to find even the smallest area in Uttarakhand that is free of Muslim migrants.

Several recent arrests show that Saharanpur has become a safe heaven for illegal Bangladeshis and terrorists

Arresting terrorists and illegal Bangladeshis from Saharanpur became a regular affair

‘If required, we will use a bulldozer to remove encroachments, Delhi govt rehabilitating Bangladeshi and Rohingyas’: SDMC Mayor

NDMC mayor surveyed areas under his jurisdiction for encroachments, blamed AAP for rehabilitating illegal Rohingyas and Bangladeshis.

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