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Love Jihad in Assam: Abdul Sahjahan becomes ‘Mintu Roy’ to entrap a Hindu girl, tortures and force feed her beef

Abdul Sahjahan, tortured the Hindu girl he married under false aliases, and forced fed her beef.

UP police thwart conspiracy by Kamal and Adil to blame Hindus for the desecration of Mazar in Bijnor: Details

According to ADG Kumar, the two accused are brothers by relation and had earlier desecrated the Qutub Shah Mazar in Sherkot.

Designer refuses to build a table for PMO because of ‘atrocities against Muslims’: How he may have virtue signalled to an imposter

Delhi Police said they have received a complaint of forgery, impersonation after designer Kunal Merchant said he rejected an offer given to him by PMO

Siddhivinayak darshan case: 9 shopkeepers arrested for running online booking scam, 13 mobile phones seized

During the raid, the cops matched the QR codes that were found in the mobile phones of the accused and matched it with the CCTV footage of the temple

Madhya Pradesh: Mohammad Yunus Mulla becomes Abhishek Dubey to get entry into Bhasma Aarti of Mahakal Temple

Mohammad Yunus Mulla was stopped by temple staff after they noticed that the picture on Aadhaar did not match with him.

Bangladesh: Hindu man arrested and family put under house arrest over alleged ‘blasphemous’ message, Hindu groups launch protest

The Bangladesh Puja Udjapan Parishad took out a rally to demand the release of Hindu man Gouranga Chandra Dey arrested in blasphemy case

Uttar Pradesh: Ishaque Ali became Raj to stalk minor girl, tried to assault her when real identity revealed, arrested and case filed

Ishaque Ali had hidden his identity and introduced himself as Raj to befriend a 14-year-old girl, arrested after he tried to assault her

Covid-19 positive man boards flight in Indonesia in wife’s niqab, tries to pass off as a woman: Here is how he got caught

COVID positive man was detained for boarding a Citilink flight using the disguise of a woman in Indonesia. The flight was from Jakarta to Ternate.

‘They were forcing her to eat beef, convert to Islam’: MP man says 6 years after marriage, in-laws have killed his daughter

"She told me that they (husband and in-laws) have been forcing her to eat beef, learn Urdu and convert to Islam," the victim's father added.

Republic Bangla suspends journalist over allegations of impersonating central investigating officer and blackmailing

Avikesh Sengupta, a reporter with Republic Bangla allegedly kidnapped a businessman and demanded a ransom of Rs 1 crore.

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