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Nehruvian model of capital intensive growth had a similar effect on the rural populace of India as Mao’s Great_Leap_Forward had on China’s rural inhabitants
BJP has announced construction of a 100-feet tall statue in Uttar Pradesh of Uda Devi, a Dalit freedom fighter, who fought in the Indian War for Independence in 1857.
First you lose lives; then you lose the memory of these lives and instead of outrage are left with guilt.
Dadabhai has been in many ways the first Indian voice which found an audience in the British society.
Long before Gandhi's call for Independence, Ghadar movement mobilized Indians around the world to unite against the British
Let his idea of self-emancipation and discipline guide our lives which are otherwise riddled with lack of conviction and purpose.
Dalai Lama's assertion might be innocent, but grievous nonetheless
It would be a pity if we are fooled by our political leadership into forgetting our great hero, our Lokmanya.
He was convicted of murdering Michael D'wyer, the Lieutenant Governor of Punjab when the Jallianwala Bagh massacre took place
When Rahul Gandhi today accuses of Modi government siding with the Capitalists, it appears as such a sham
As citizens, we would be no less responsible for our indifference.
Assam will forever be indebted to one of her greatest sons
A short but an influential list of either forgotten or relatively unknown texts that discuss history suppressed by established authors

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