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Veer Kunwar Singh, the legendary king of Jagdishpur who chopped off his own arm at the age of 80 for India’s freedom

Kunwar Singh, also known as Babu Kunwar Singh or Kuer Singh, was a prominent leader during the first freedom struggle of 1857

Bhagat Singh and Savarkar: Did they really hate each other as we are made to believe

The leftists want us to believe that Bhagat Singh and Veer Savarkar hated each other, but history has a different tale to tell.

More trouble for Ukraine, Russia-backed Transnistria in Moldova along the Ukraine border demands recognition of independence

The pro-Russia separatist authorities of Transnistria in Moldova has demanded the recognition their independence

The case of missing context: How British journalist tried to shame Indian freedom fighter Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose with reference to Hitler

PM Modi announced that a grand statue of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose will be installed at India Gate on the occasion of his 125th birth anniversary

‘Gandhi’s politics is hollow and noisy, full of treachery and deceit’: Read what Dr Ambedkar said about the ‘Mahatma’

"The politics of Gandhi is hollow and noisy. It is the most dishonest politics in the history of Indian polity. Gandhi was the man responsible for eliminating morality from politics and instead introduced commercialism in Indian politics. Politics has been denuded of its virtue", wrote Dr BR Ambedkar

How Jawaharlal Nehru became first Prime Minister of free India

It is sad, unfortunate, and scandalous that the very first election that would decide the leader of free India was manipulated. It wasn’t only the election but the future of India that was rigged.

The legacy of Madam Bhikaiji Cama: The ‘mother of revolutionaries’ who fought for Indian independence

Madam Cama grew conscious about the atrocities done by Britishers in the country due to which differences arose between her and Rustom Cama.

Remembering Bengal’s Pritilata Waddedar on her death anniversary, who chose to die at 21 than being caught by British

Through her example, Pritilata Waddedar sent out a message to the women of Bengal that they can march shoulder to shoulder with men in liberating the country from the British.

Residents protest Indian Navy hoisting Indian flag in Goa’s Sao Jacinto, CM promises iron fist, asks Navy to go-ahead: What happened

The residents have claimed that they are not opposed to unfurling the tricolour, but they would hoist the flag themselves.

Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav: A world record of lakhs of people singing Rashtragaan is being attempted. Here is how to participate

A video of the national anthem will be compiled, featuring all the participants, and will be released on August 15.

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