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Indian Constitution

Ek Samvidhan Ek Pradhan: Shashi Tharoor says US states have their own ‘constitutions’ so Indian states can have too. Here is why the whataboutery...

Shashi Tharoor drew parallel between India, US and Australia governance systems but missed crucial differences

From introducing IPC 295a to Sharia in NIT Srinagar: Indicative list of how perennially outraged Islamists have their halal-certified cake and eat it too

With their innate ability to mobilise in large numbers in the name of religion, Islamists have been able to mould laws to their advantage.

The constitution will perish if India’s demography is altered, Indian tradition and Dharma protect it: Madras HC judge

Madras High Court judge has said that the Constitution of India will cease to exist if the country’s 'demographic profile' is changed.

Sunni Muslim group in Rajasthan files petition against Waqf, says Waqf Boards holding properties is against constitution and secularism

Mafidaran Madaria Aalmeen (Fukran) Sansthan filed plea in Rajasthan HC saying that having specific law only for Waqf is against constitution

OpIndia ground report: Hindu Sankalp March taken out in Delhi, reinforces the message that India will run as per Constitution and not Sharia Law

The Hindu Sankalp March was organised by VHP in the wake of the recent killings of Hindu tailor Kanahiya Lal and pharmacist Umesh Kolhe by Islamists.

Kerala: Opposition MLAs protest against Minister Saji Cheriyan for his objectionable remarks on Constitution, demand resignation

After Kerala minister Saji Cheriyan said that constitution was written to loot people, opposition demand his resignation

President Kovind cautions judges against ‘indiscreet remarks’ after PM Modi spoke about the ‘separation of power’ between Judiciary and govt

While speaking about the cost of justice, President Kovind noted that only a small section of Indians can approach the courts.

Scope of Article 226 and Article 227: That the same result can be achieved by 2 different processes, does not mean the processes are...

The writ jurisdiction is a very potent and an important tool given to the High Courts under the Constitution of India.

Fact check: Does Citizenship Amendment Act violate Article 14 of the Indian Constitution

Many are arguing that the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) violates Article 14 of the constitution that guarantees the fundamental right of equality.

Know what is Article 142 of constitution, which Muslim personal law board thinks has been ‘wrongly’ used by SC

The All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) which was one of the parties in the Ram Janmabhoomi, Ayodhya case has decried the Supreme Court verdict giving the entire 67 acres in favour of Hindus.

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