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Insult Hindu Gods

Didn’t intend to hurt Hindus: 12th Fail star Vikrant Massey clarifies after his old Hinduphobic tweet over rape cases go viral

Old tweet of 12th Fail star Vikrant Massey blaming Ram Bhakts for rapes goes viral, the actor issues a clarification

‘In Gujarat we use Navratri to say I love you, not Valentine’s Day’: Actress Urvashi Solanki mocks the Hindu festival; brazens it out after...

Gujarati actor Urvashi Solanki has come under fire for comparing the revered Hindu festival Navratri with Valentine's day

Madhya Pradesh: Ganesh and John insult Hindu Gods, lure Hindu woman to convert to Christianity, arrested

Two persons in Madhya Pradesh for hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus and forcing them to convert their religion to Christianity

Ukraine Defense Ministry’s ‘Maa Kali artwork’ tweet irks netizens, deletes tweet later

Social media users were aghast at the fact that the official handle of Ukraine's Defense Ministry chose to mock Hindu religious beliefs without any provocation.

Netizens demand answers from Wipro after alleged ’employee’ makes derogatory comments about Lord Ram

One of her Instagram posts from earlier this month was accompanied by hashtags 'wipro', 'wiproites' and 'wiprokolkata.'

Director of LIIT marketing agency posts Hinduphobic tweets, later claims her account was hacked after netizens call her out

In a tweet posted in January this year, Vihangi Joshipura introduced herself as the owner of LIIT Marketing Agency.

NCP leader Amol Mitkari insults Hindu deities and rituals in the guise of criticising Narendra Modi and BJP government

NCP leader Amol Mitkari is known for attacking Hindu deities and rituals. Earlier, he had made fun of the Kanyadaan rituals practiced during Hindu weddings.

Pakistani children and teenagers make hateful comments towards India, insult Hinduism; scholastic hate-preaching exposed in a YouTube video

A recent YouTube video reveals how Pakistani children and teenagers are taught to hate India and Hinduism.

UPSC coaching centre Drishti IAS Managing Director compares Hindu Goddesses Sita to dog-licked food, brainwashes students against Hinduism

UPSC coaching centre Drishti IAS has landed in trouble after a video of its managing director mocking Hindu god and goddesses has gone viral on social media

WATCH: Rahul Gandhi remains mute when Christian priest teaching him about Jesus, insults Hindu deities, had earlier said ‘Bharat Mata can give scabies’

Rahul Gandhi met a rabid anti-Hindu pastor, George Ponnaiah, as part of his ambitious mass mobilisation programme 'Bharat Jodo Yatra.'

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