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interfaith marriage

The tale of a missing Dalit girl found in a Burqa, Karni Sena stopping ‘love jihad’ and a video: All you need to know...

After a Dalit girl was found marrying a Muslim boy in Ballia, Karni Sena intervened alleging love jihad, but the couple claim its consensual

Chandigarh: Sikh man files case against Muslim wife, in-laws for trying to convert him and his minor son to Islam

The plaintiff who is Sikh by religion and by birth has stated that his Muslim wife had promised him that religion will never become an issue after marriage.

Madhya Pradesh: Three years after eloping with a man named Waseem against her family’s wishes, Jain girl commits suicide

A First Information Report (FIR) was registered against Waseem and his family under Indian Pena Code (IPC) Sections 304B (dowry death) and 498A (dowry harassment).

74% Indian Muslims prefer Sharia over Indian laws: Pew Research

Interfaith marriages find strongest opposition among the Muslim community as per the research. 80% Muslims do not want their women to marry non-Muslim men, while 76% do not want men to marry non-Muslim women.

‘Tricked into religious conversion for marriage and then father in law demanded sex’, J&K woman reveals her ordeal

Victim says her mother in law and other relatives asked her to get into marrying her father in law and having physical relationship with him 'to keep it within family'

Nusrat Jahan’s ‘invalid marriage’: Nikhil Jain says she had refused to register the marriage, refutes her allegations over property and money

Asked Nusrat Jahan to register marriage but she avoided, says Nikhil Jain in his statement released today

TMC MP Nusrat Jahan says her marriage with Nikhil Jain is not valid in India because they never married formally as per Indian law

Nusrat Jahan has said that the destination wedding in Turkey was never formalised as per Indian law and hence the marriage was never valid.

Kerala Muslim woman stabbed by sister and brother-in-law after marrying a Hindu youth: Read details

The Kerala Muslim woman was attacked by her own sister and brother-in-law when she went to meet her mother after her wedding

New York Times provides platform to Islamic bigotry, columnist claims onus to convert is on non-Muslims after Hindu boyfriend refuses to convert

The New York Times on Friday provided platform to Islamic bigotry in a blog where the author narrates her 'tragic' love story.

Interfaith couple demands security cover after Muslim mob in Sarai Kale Khan unleashed violence against Hindus over their marriage

The interfaith couple have released a video demanding security after the Muslim mob went on a rampage in Sarai Kale Khan area

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