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The trigger for the explosive was manufactured locally and that ammonium nitrate was used as an oxidizer in the RDX explosive. The military grade RDX was obtained from Pakistan and the device was assembled around 10 km from the blast site.
Maharashtra ATS has arrested 9 persons on suspected links with ISIS and has seized various chemicals, hard drives, mobile phones and SIM cards.
It appears certain people believe that the exemplary work carried out by the NIA is rather a political gimmick and instance of rising Islamophobia. Others believe that the entire thing was a sham
Moideen was nabbed in connection to a busted covert meeting happening at Kanakamala in Kannur district.
It's not the first time that the Islamic seminary has issued bizarre fatwas.
Thee local intelligence unit has asked different colleges to share the details of Kashmiri students studying there.
A story of a man ordained by the Gods to carry out their will.
LeT and JeM together pose a greater threat to humanity than ISIS, the report states.
The Yazidi woman, who is a survivor of ISIS brutalities, became the second youngest woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize
The Islamic terror groups have been trying to destabilize the country's internal security from a very long time
The greatest threat of ISIS is their ability to influence young minds through effective use of the internet.
He wants India to take on the ISIS which is a 'gang of criminal thugs'.
This isn't the only time the sectarianism in Kashmir has been linked with a battle for an Islamic State

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