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Islamic fundamentalism

Justice Surya Kant, who held Nupur Sharma ‘single handedly responsible’ for murders committed by Jihadis, now says free speech is sacrosanct, must be ‘zealously...

The bench where Justice Surya Kant was a part of, infamously remarked, “Her loose tongue has set the entire country on fire," and blamed Nupur Sharma for the crimes committed by Islamists.

Hostile Maldives? Indian tourists assaulted, Israeli woman kicked out as tiny Island nation sinks deep into Islamic radicalisation

The Maldives Parliament recently unanimously voted on a resolution condemning Israeli aggression on Palestine, thus prohibiting the entry of Israeli passport holders and the import of Israeli-made goods.

‘Duniya Main Rahenge Toh Ghaziyon Ki Tarah’: Read what Ghazi means in Islamic texts. Is Asaduddin Owaisi asking Muslims to kill infidels?

A Ghazi in Islam means someone who fights in jihad for the sake of Islam and its teachings. A Ghazi thus essentially means a Jihadi who is willing to fight against non-Muslims.

Pakistani experts ‘analyse’ Arabic text on a woman’s dress over ‘blasphemy’ allegations, discuss punishments despite confirmation that it was just random words

It happens only in Pakistan, that people are subjected to harassment, violence, Sar Tan Se Juda threats and mob lynching over mere suspicion and even baseless claims.

Random Arabic text on a dress, QR codes, baseless allegations: How Islamic fanatic population in Pakistan has been lynching people to death

Disturbing incidents of fanatic mob lynching in Pakistan over vague and often random accusations of blasphemy is an indication how the general populace has been filled with religious hatred and intolerance

Spain: Jihadi network busted, 14 Pakistanis arrested in major anti-terror operation

The arrests were made as part of an operation initiated by Spain's General Information Commissioner's Office after the anti-terrorist alert level was raised in the country following Hamas' attack on Israel a month ago. Spanish Security Forces redoubled surveillance on suspects in order to avoid possible attacks, Euro Weekly News reported.

Uttar Pradesh: Islamic conversion racket run by doctors and engineers busted by the police in Ghaziabad, read details

A group of doctors and engineers running an Islamic religious conversion ring was uncovered by the UP police.

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